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Kyndryl and Elastic

Helping customers achieve end-to-end observability across their data centers and clouds

Our partnership

Kyndryl’s partnership with Elastic helps customers achieve operational excellence using intelligent insights while promoting end-to-end observability for our customers across their data centers and clouds.

Global partnership

Data & AI professional services and managed services for the Elastic stack.

Joint innovation

Developing innovative and industry-specific solutions and building skills through partnership.

Joint expertise

Our depth of services and Elastic's product expertise to bolster IT data management platforms.

Data Modernization with Elastic

Help organizations manage exponential storage growth and give them the capability to search for data wherever it resides.

Data Management with Elastic

Provide flexibility to users of Elastic products by letting Kyndryl manage the entire stack infrastructure and analytics workloads for IT operations.

Intelligent IT Analytics

Enable intelligent operations through AI/ML capabilities that deliver unified insights for proactive and efficient IT operations with technology domain specific insights.

Data Migration Services with Elastic

Deliver the capability to streamline migrations from different versions of the product and deploy self-managed workloads to hyperscalers of their choice.

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