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Multicloud Management Platform

Simplify management of hybrid IT architectures with comprehensive functionality and integration.

Digital operations for hybrid IT

Organizations are under pressure to increase IT agility and get to market quicker. IT leaders and operations teams need visibility into their multicloud landscape to effectively govern cloud consumption and align with business priorities, but only one out of four IT leaders feels they can effectively monitor and manage end-to-end IT operations.

The Kyndryl Multicloud Management Platform is designed for simplified hybrid IT management. With deep visibility into infrastructure and cloud consumption, IT leaders can strengthen efficiency and curb shadow IT.

Increase service efficiency

Establish security and compliance management across the hybrid IT landscape


Improve your IT operations

Utilize AI-powered operations to assist with security, availability and performance

Manage cloud spend

Manage budgets and costs to help increase financial governance

Consumption Console

The Consumption Console provides organizations with procurement and operations oversight and access to multivendor cloud services in one ecommerce-like platform.

Key benefits:

  • Use the self-service capability to order and fulfill services across cloud and traditional IT providers.
  • Control which services employees see based on their roles and access requirements.
  • Facilitate budget compliance through a built-in technical and financial approval workflow and configuration management database integration.
  • Control changes to assets through automated change management procedures as defined in IT service management (ITSM).
DevOps Fulfillment Console

The DevOps Fulfillment Console provides a method for optimizing the software development pipeline. With continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), teams can move code at near-lightning speed. The console integrates AI and automation to simplify management of complex DevOps environments with one dashboard to view all aspects of your pipeline.

Key benefits:

  • Break down silos between development and operations teams.
  • Add automation and monitoring capabilities for deployment time, testing and KPIs.
  • Apply new DevOps methodologies to help reduce production costs and mean time to recovery (MTTR) for production failures and increase deployment volume.
  • Increase DevOps agility while maintaining enterprise-wide, security-rich control.
  • Incorporate DevSecOps so applications include security-enhanced and compliance assessments.


Operations Console

The Operations Console empowers your team with one-application access to your entire digital scope. The console uses a single interface to provide much needed visibility across data centers and multicloud and container operations, augmenting human intelligence by automatically discovering and correlating events and recommending corrective actions. Over time, these machine-learning capabilities create AI models that help operations teams understand where issues are developing, enabling proactive resolution.

Key Benefits:

  • Correlate incidents and connect them to service impacts
  • Understand the health of key systems that run the business
  • Help AIOps users know where to focus their efforts
Governance Console

The Governance Console is a synergistic grouping of applications and capabilities for IT financial management. Together, they infuse continuous governance up, down and across the technology stack to establish policy-based governance rules around cloud usage and spend, resulting in a consolidated view that can include costs, trends, budget tracking, policy compliance and more.

Key benefits:

  • Gain visibility into costs across multi-provider services with deviation from budget and trends and cloud asset inventory utilization, current asset inventory trends and deployment across geographies
  • Manage costs by optimizing reserved vs. on-demand instances
  • Gain data-informed recommendations for reducing costs, improving performance and reducing security risks.
  • Receive and proactively respond to variances and deviations before they become problems.


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