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Transformation de l'activité

Quel rôle la culture joue-t-elle dans la transformation organisationnelle?

Podcast 5 oct. 2022

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Episode summary

Culture is often ambiguous, but it can be a powerful enabler of business transformation.

In this episode, our experts explore the role culture plays in business transformation and discuss how companies move forward with the fast-paced technological change required to be successful.

Episode notes

Our world has seen massive change in the past few years, and businesses have been forced to rethink their priorities to become digital-first, or risk being left behind. As leaders prioritize, they must consider both their dependency on technology to move the business forward and the company culture required to create productive change.  

Featured experts  

  • Brad Pawlak, Sr. Partner Development Manager, Advisory GSI, Microsoft
  • Dave Gendron, National Microsoft Alliance Lead, Kyndryl