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TEL AVIV, Israel, March 21, 2023 – Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, announced that it is partnering with DAN (Public Transportation Company LTD), Israel's largest transportation company, to advise, build, manage and maintain the IT infrastructure for its multi-year Fast Lanes project aimed at alleviating traffic congestion along major routes in Israel. 

Traffic congestion – especially in central metropolitan areas  (like Tel Aviv, etc.) – is a major problem and a constraint on growth in Israel. Approximately one million motor vehicles joined the roads between 2013 and 2021 to reach 3.84 million in 2021. This trend is expected to accelerate as Israel’s population is expected to steadily increase by 2027. 

“The management of a complex transport network is an ongoing process, combining deep knowledge of mobility trends with real-time data analytics and fast, secure and agile IT infrastructure,” said Ronen Mida, DAN-Fast Lanes CTO. 

Dan Group has won the Fast Lanes government tender as part of “Path To The City LTD” consortium. The project is intended to alleviate traffic congestion in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. As part of Fast Lanes project Dan Group with Kyndryl association will plan, construct, operate and maintain a network of high-speed toll roads of approximately 100 km, parking lots with 10,000 parking spaces, as well as construct, operate, and maintain traffic, tolls and passenger shuttle of approximately 200 electrical buses and information management systems along the toll lanes. 

Once implemented, the project is expected to help decrease significantly the time people spend in traffic jams and encourage shared travel and public transportation adoption, by allowing travel at the dedicated fast lanes of no less than 70km/h.

IT architecture and IT infrastructure are instrumental in achieving the ambitions goals set by Fast Lanes project. 

Kyndryl will act as a trusted advisor, planning and building the IT architecture for the IT infrastructure as well as serve as system integrator of the multiple major technology partners like Lenovo, VMware, Juniper, ExaGrid, Magalcom, McAfee, HCL enabling and supporting Fast Lanes. 

“While a range of tools are available to policymakers and experts seeking to fight congestion in Israel’s leading cities, the evidence from a growing number of operational examples suggests that traffic can best be beaten if we apply integrated approach,” said Dror Pearl, MD Kyndryl Israel. “This approach has the potential not only to fight congestion, but also to optimize traffic, reduce air pollution, enhance road safety and enable growth.”

By linking up the urban management systems to a complete centralized computing and central monitoring system, core network solution along with respective cyber security tools, based on two TIER 2 datacenters, Kyndryl will put in place agile, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. As the platform will be able to collect and give insights into over 2,500 TB of data, the experts from Dan Group will be able to make decisions based on this data.

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