By: Harish Grama, Global Cloud Practice Leader at Kyndryl

Though challenges confront every business sector in today’s economic environment, the automotive industry is facing several unique headwinds as it invests in modernization. Supply chain disruptions can stanch the flow of critical electronic components for the convenience, diagnostic and safety features of modern vehicles. Environmental and sustainability mandates are forcing across-the-board reinventions of what gets made, and how. And consumer preferences have re-shaped the automotive buying process in ways that manufacturers can only address by leveraging data to help streamline decision making.

Strategic collaborations hold the keys to successes in these scenarios – both in the physical realm of sourcing and moving materials, and in the digital realm of designing, implementing, and managing the operational technologies that are crucial to success and survival. A modern IT infrastructure must be assembled from best-in-class components and managed by the best people. Kyndryl offers both to our industry clients.

That’s why Honda has just retained us to drive their hybrid cloud strategy and IT infrastructure modernization across the U.S. and India. These deals represent the strong continuation of Kyndryl’s longstanding work with Honda. They incorporate various aspects of business transformation through data analytics and innovative approaches to operational control. Put simply, we’re helping Honda embrace cloud technologies and better connect data across mission-critical operations – including manufacturing plants, research & development, and sales operations – to improve efficiencies and customer experiences.

And as we look more broadly at customers in need of help with digital transformation, we’re seeing them place renewed trust in Kyndryl’s expertise and the increased value we can bring to their businesses. Our industry-leading services delivery has been greatly enhanced by our partnerships and collaborations with the world’s best hyperscalers and solutions providers. In an era in which nearly every piece of enterprise software is written in – and for – the cloud, Kyndryl has forged alliances with more than 20 partners during our first eight months as an independent company. We’re working with AWS, GoogleMicrosoftCloudera, Nokia, NetApp, SAP and more to leverage the best in the business in service to customers who demand innovation.

Aspects of our work with Honda will echo our recently announced engagements with BMW and Mitsubishi Motors Europe. Incorporating advanced technologies and cloud capabilities into every aspect of the auto business – from R&D to advanced manufacturing to the retail customer buying experience – is nothing less than critical to the industry. It’s why our customers already account for nearly half (45%) of all passenger cars made, and why we’re bullish on the future of this vital, global industry. 

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