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Why implementing a design approach beats whack-a-mole solutioning, every time

Podcast 5 de jul de 2023

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Episode notes

Companies can get caught in a loop of fast fixes and just-in-time problem-solving. The approach can help keep the lights on, but when leaders need to solve their most complex business challenges, it falls short.

Advocates for a human-centered design espouse an intentional and structured approach to problem-solving that puts people squarely at the center of decision-making. McKinsey1 has found that companies investing in experience design have been shown to increase their revenue and shareholder returns at twice the rate of competitors — and board rooms are listening. Designers' unique approach gets to the heart of the problem and brings people together to realize imaginative and practical solutions.  

But what does it really mean to design with humans in mind? And how can you make human-centered design part of an organization’s problem-solving DNA?  

Listen in as our experts discuss the value of human-first, integrated approach to customer experience and how the profession of design can have impact on business outcomes.  

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What you will hear

“…it's about defining the right problem to solve. It's about being rigorous about the way that you develop your rationale for the kinds of ideas that come out. There's a creative process that's built on top of the tools and mindset that designers have.”
– Sarah

“…when you're building a digital experience, you need to have design strategists. These are people who can integrate what people need with the business and the technology. They're great conveners of the right diversity of minds that need to be in the room to solve the problems.”
– Sarah

“there is a reason why so many of our cultures are built on myths, stories, and things that get passed on from generation, because they actually allow us to kind of communicate a shared understanding and connect with people.”
– Tom

1."The business value of design." McKinsey, 25 October 2018"