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NEW YORK, September 27, 2022 – Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced the launch of Kyndryl Vital, a designer-led, open and collaborative co-creation experience that helps customers and alliance partners solve their business challenges and create groundbreaking technology platforms. 

Kyndryl Vital is led by global teams of designers who work side-by-side with customers and partners to define and solve complex problems with elegance and innovation. These designers  lead the co-creation experience with a human-centered design and rigorous research approach. This outside-in model integrates data with a deep understanding of people’s needs and behavior. Paired with design strategy, experience design, storytelling, data-driven research, and the implementation of technologies, Kyndryl Vital forms the foundation for building creative solutions and a compelling vision for the future. 

Recognizing the need to be agile and flexible, Kyndryl Vital teams will integrate existing systems, methods, and tools used by customers and partners. This inclusive approach convenes Kyndryl’s own technical experts, as well as those from customers and alliance partners to create an open and cohesive way of working. 

“Kyndryl Vital unlocks business value for our customers and partners by bridging the gap between human experiences and technical capabilities. Our designer-led approach provides us with a powerful basis for engaging and establishing a deep understanding of their business challenges. Together with Kyndryl’s technical experts, Kyndryl Vital will enable our customers and partners to develop innovative approaches for building mission-critical technology systems of the future,” says Tom Rourke, Global Leader Kyndryl Vital.”

Kyndryl Vital is part of a continuum that extends through Kyndryl Bridge, a new open integration platform which gives business leaders real-time insights into their complex IT estates, and unprecedented control over customizing their mission-critical operations. Kyndryl Vital works side-by-side with customers and technical experts to envision and bring to life solutions to business challenges. Kyndryl Bridge enables customers to manage these solutions, workflows and processes seamlessly under one platform.

Kyndryl Vital teams are currently located in US, Canada, France, Germany and Spain, with plans to expand to several more countries by the end of the year. This nimble and versatile co-creation experience can support new customers seeking to begin a relationship with Kyndryl, as well as established customers interested in expanding their scope of work with Kyndryl to support future business needs. 

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Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider serving thousands of enterprise customers in more than 60 countries. The Company designs, builds, manages and modernizes the complex, mission-critical information systems that the world depends on every day. For more information, visit