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AQUILA analyzes thousands of documents, delivers faster and more accurate business outcomes

WARSAW, Poland, April 26, 2022 - Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, and SSW Pragmatic Solutions, a leading law and tax advisory firm in Poland, today announced the next step in their collaboration to deploy and train AQUILA – an AI-powered platform.

With the property sector hit by ongoing economic uncertainty, real estate owners, property developers and facility managers are grappling with new regulations that require more flexibility in how services are delivered, while keeping tight control on associated costs. One example of this includes ensuring the proper due diligence on lease contracts while expediting how that paperwork can be processed.

As a way to deal with these challenges, Kyndryl in Poland and SSW Pragmatic Solutions jointly developed the AQUILA platform using machine learning to empower faster and more accurate decision making on issues like compliance with legal regulations and corporate standards.  AQUILA is now capable of reading, digitizing and summarizing thousands of real estate lease agreements in hours – a process that used to take months. The solution extracts and summarizes the most important parts of the documents, helping real estate owners and their potential clients deal properly with associated risks and get accurate information about the value of the assets they are looking at. This is a process that can take up to several tens of seconds per document.

“By developing AQUILA’s AI engine, natural language processing and understanding capabilities, the Kyndryl team has applied automation to a rather complex task. Without this level of automation, a detailed due diligence process regarding the contents of thousands of lease agreements could have been carried out on a small sample of documents only,” says Piotr Spaczyński, Managing Partner, SSW Pragmatic Solutions. “The continuous work on AQUILA and its knowledge base elevates our partnership with Kyndryl. Thanks to it we will have a platform that can be used in any organization and for any industry.”

For example, the AQUILA platform is trained and capable of reading mortgage agreements to find the same meaning even in sentences with different wording. AQUILA can also spot unusual language, omissions or additions in legal documents that can lead to accelerating service, reducing costs and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of people’s work.

“Automation, smart applications and getting insight from data can all serve as a powerful source of competitive advantage for Polish companies,” says Paweł Raczyński, Managing Director, Kyndryl Poland and Baltics. “Our partnership with SSW Pragmatic Solutions represents a chance for Polish companies to tap on new market opportunities and be placed at the heart of a changing business landscape in Poland.”

The AQUILA solution can already analyze content in Polish, English and German. It can be deployed on any cloud or on-premise, and it can be integrated into the business processes of any organization.

SSW Pragmatic Solutions selected Kyndryl for joint cooperation on this engagement because of its deep expertise in applications, data and AI.

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