Driving customer satisfaction with a shift to public cloud

A leading automotive manufacturer

Business opportunity

As consumers, we tend to be passionate about our cars and apprehensive about the car-buying experience. Top manufacturers understand this and work hard to deliver satisfying experiences from start to finish.

So, when one leading automotive manufacturer started to see customer satisfaction scores waning due to inventory visibility and management challenges, it looked to IT—and public cloud—for an answer.  


Technical challenge

With more than 10 manufacturing facilities, 500+ OEM suppliers and a global distribution model, the automotive leader faced a common challenge: a complex technology estate with serious visibility challenges.

Manual patching and inconsistent inventory management resulted in inaccurate information across business units. Monitoring for Amazon EMR Cluster and Amazon Redshift workloads was non-existent, which could result in missed alerts during a crisis, impacting critical business applications. And observability was nearly impossible, thanks to a lack of custom KPIs for essential Amazon services used across the enterprise. The team was also missing dashboards to enable essential activities, like hypercare to onboard new customers.

Our solution

Together, this automotive leader and Kyndryl created a pragmatic plan to modernize the IT infrastructure with the goal of improving flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness while optimizing responsiveness to meet dynamic market needs.

They started with a pilot to move critical customer workloads to Amazon Public Cloud. Using Amazon CloudWatch and Datadog, the team created a single, unified platform for monitoring and observability, enabling ease of use and simplifying adoption. The solution provides:

  • Monitoring for essential Amazon services on IaaS, PaaS, APM, log, network (Amazon VPC), cluster (EMR), database and storage.
  • Unified, cloud-agnostic observability.
  • Improved infrastructure monitoring, alerting and incident management.
  • Increased visibility and agility for better customer experiences.
  • Visual insights, analytics and real-time monitoring.
  • New reporting capabilities for better governance.
  • Customizable dashboards for better visibility on critical business workload applications

After a successful pilot, Kyndryl is scaling the solution across the automotive leader’s global business and providing ongoing managed services to ensure success.


The power of partnership

Simplifying and modernizing complex IT estates requires robust solutions for systems management, monitoring and observability. Amazon delivered with:

  • AWS Systems Manager helps ensure management and security against critical vulnerabilities, achieving timely patch updates.
  • Amazon CloudWatch, in concert with Datadog, provides a unified platform for proactive monitoring and alerts, and real-time views with customizable KPIs, reports and dashboards.

What progress looks like

Major improvements in systems availability, monitoring and observability now support exceptional experiences across the business, from IT through lines of business and all the way to the customer.

  • 99.95% response and resolution rate from proactive alerting significantly enhances service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • ~79% reduction in tickets submitted thanks to a defect prevention plan that addresses root causes for alerts and customer KPIs (e.g., host checks, memory, CPU and diskspace).
About the customer

A Fortune 500 automotive manufacturer with more than 10 manufacturing facilities and 500+ OEM suppliers serving customers in 50 markets.

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