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Business opportunity

Finding parking in a large city can be difficult, but getting a parking, red-light or speeding citation then going through the process of disputing or paying it can be frustrating. One city’s citation administration department wanted to make the motorist experience as painless as possible by modernizing its customer service approach.

They recognized that citizens wanted greater speed and convenience when using government services, and the city wanted to lower costs.

To improve, they envisioned a unified digital experience in which citizens could seamlessly access services over their preferred channel through a single point of contact. The foundational step was to cloud-enable existing applications and introduce an omnichannel contact center.

Technical challenge

The city uses its own application – built and managed by Kyndryl – to administer citation administration services. Developed around a legacy database containing 90 million records, this application stack required modernization before they could migrate it to the AWS cloud.

As part of cloud-enablement Kyndryl Consult tested numerous integrations within the application and with third-party systems such as point-of-sale terminals in city parking offices. Ensuring a non-disruptive migration to AWS required Kyndryl to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Given the interconnected nature of the application, Kyndryl aimed to migrate everything at once, retiring more than 40 physical servers in the process.



Given the interconnected nature of the application, Kyndryl aimed to migrate everything at once, retiring more than 40 physical servers in the process.


Our solution

Building on a 25-year relationship, the city engaged Kyndryl to plan and execute the cloud migration and to implement the Amazon Connect omnichannel contact center solution. Amazon Connect will provide voice and chat recording and skill-based routing capabilities to better serve motorists.

They adopted an infrastructure-as-code approach to create and manage the cloud infrastructure. This accelerates the creation of new services and increases flexibility.

The combination of Kyndryl AIOps and Kyndryl Bridge is empowering the team to optimize and automate IT operations in the cloud. In the event of an IT issue, the relevant engineers receive intelligent alerts, accelerating resolution.


The power of partnership

Amazon architects supported Kyndryl in designing the cloud infrastructure on AWS, as well as identifying future partners for services delivered through Amazon Connect.


What progress looks like

The cloud migration gives the city a modern environment that is more flexible, scalable, cost-effective and agile in the delivery of new functionality to citizens.

  • Ability to improve functionality by plugging in cloud-based components such as data analytics and generative AI.
  • 90 million records migrated, and 40 servers decommissioned.
  • Helped integrate important data and right-size its fleet.
  • Integration of virtual hearings enhances citizen experience and reduces strain on city staff.
  • Omnichannel contact center is the first step toward a one-stop-shop for citizens to access any city services.


Citation Administration department

The Citation Administration department for this large U.S. city is responsible for managing on-street parking, parking meters, and red-light and speed automated cameras.

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