Kyndryl was into AI before AI was cool.

Created to reduce complexity, drive agility and deliver business impact, Kyndryl Bridge is an open integration, artificial intelligence-enabled platform that helps customers save on annual operating costs.

Kyndryl designed the platform with AI at its core, setting it apart from competitors. Kyndryl Bridge applies AI to an expanding amount of operational data from businesses globally, across industries. The results include actionable insights from unstructured data, predictive analysis to help customers anticipate future trends and continuous learning to help customers comply with their regulatory obligations.

Kyndryl is enhancing Kyndryl Bridge by integrating NVIDIA's technologies to improve its AI and automation capabilities.

Here, Kyndryl Vice President, Distinguished Engineer and Global Technology Leader of AI Platform Venkat Jagana reveals how Kyndryl’s collaboration with NVIDIA will deliver the promise of generative AI to customers.

What are the advantages of incorporating NVIDIA generative AI into Kyndryl Bridge?

Jagana: Ultimately, it’s all about simplifying the complexity of AI solutions by incorporating NVIDIA generative AI into an AI-enabled platform like Kyndryl Bridge, which will enable customers to leapfrog the typically canned results of traditional AI and interact with generative AI’s conversational capabilities. A key thing to know is that generative AI doesn’t just identify information like a search engine; it provides insights and generates new information.

To get a little more technical, traditional AI — which is more “predictive” than “conversational” — uses an organization’s data to help anticipate occurrences such as systems bottlenecks and failures. But Kyndryl offers a host of data and AI services that can help companies make their datasets more consumable by AI and generative AI, then capitalize on that data to generate actionable insights. Kyndryl Bridge is already generating more than 3 million actionable insights for our customers each month, and incorporating NVIDIA generative AI will supercharge those capabilities.

Are there additional benefits?

Jagana: Absolutely. Another important task for Kyndryl Bridge with the addition of NVIDIA generative AI capabilities will be meeting the increasing need for customers’ operations to be compliant with emerging data management, data security and systems resilience regulations.

4 customer benefits from the Kyndryl-NVIDIA collaboration


Accelerated generative AI performance on Kyndryl Bridge using the NVIDIA AI framework


Increased value through Kyndryl Consult and managed services generative AI offerings across infra, data and LLM models on Kyndryl Bridge


A Graphics Processing Unit-aware workload placement that helps deliver improved performance for generative AI workloads


Improved ability to integrate AI and generative AI into hybrid cloud environments

How will the Kyndryl and NVIDIA capabilities complement each other?

Jagana: It’s really a triple win for Kyndryl, NVIDIA and our customers. Kyndryl will be able to deploy NVIDIA’s generative AI technology stack and framework capabilities to customers through Kyndryl Bridge to advance operational performance. However, Kyndryl will also be able to tap into NVIDIA’s training and skills development. We’ve already demonstrated how quickly Kyndryls can get trained and certified on hyperscaler technologies, and we’ll bring this same enthusiasm to building differentiated new services and developing unique, sector-specific generative AI solutions.

What’s the most exciting part about this collaboration?

Jagana: Kyndryl’s collaboration with NVIDIA is a game-changer for our customers and us. By combining Kyndryl’s design, consulting and services delivery expertise with NVIDIA’s leading-edge AI technologies — along with the freedom to do what’s best for the customer through our hyperscaler alliances and partner ecosystem — we’re delivering best-in-class service to our customers so they can focus on their businesses.

And let’s not forget about Kyndryl Consult. Our outcome-driven technology consulting will help speed customers’ ability to test, verify and deploy generative AI solutions, facilitate rapid application development and enhance the overall operational experience. The collaboration will also enable Kyndryl to capitalize on NVIDIA NeMo GenAI microservices and network information models to execute tasks related to customer support, IT operations automation, fraud and loss prevention, and real-time analytics — all on an industry-specific basis.

Venkat Jagana

Vice President, Distinguished Engineer, Global Technology Leader of AI Platform