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Navigating the digital frontier: Brazilian banking revolution with next-gen networks

Pódcast 15 may 2024

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Episode notes

You’re ready for transformation, but your network may not be. Banks need a holistic approach to network transformation that opens avenues for growth, innovation, and improved customer experiences. Itaú Unibanco, the largest banking institution in Brazil, in discussion with Nokia, shares how they enhance convenience, security, and overall satisfaction for their valued customers.

Listen as our experts share insight into how enterprises should think about network transformation to drive improved application performance, economics and security.

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What you will hear

“We really believe that the bank has a very important social role in Brazil: connecting the people, our customers with the products and the experience that they want ... having an accessible bank that can improve their lives, it's what we really believe that is most important.”
— Augusto

“Digital transformation is all about efficiency, resiliency and risk management. The 5G private networks, they enable the digital transformation. The private network provides the path to build the future of work. We are also building new business models to address the Brazilian B2B marketing in synergy, of course, best to both companies. We create, develop, validate and expand the opportunities with our partners.”
— Marcelo

“We have a strategy that we call ‘phygital’ because it's a mix from the physical and the digital. We strongly believe that we have to keep some of our physical offerings, like a branch, because of our customers love it. So we have to consider both ways. Having a physical branch is something that definitely helps people have access to a bank account, a credit card, a loan, and all products that we are trying to offer to helping people to reach their dreams”.
— Augusto

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