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TOKYO, September 21, 2023 — Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced that Kyndryl Japan is supporting Taisei Corporation’s smart building transformation business through developing and managing its public cloud environment.

Kyndryl has supported the development and management of LifeCycleOS, the company's building platform that brings together Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Internet of Things (IoT). Kyndryl has also supported developing and managing the company's LifeCycle Management Console (LCMC), a building lifecycle management service, and is now supporting the development of the next version of LifeCycleOS. Since April 2023, Kyndryl has also conducted pilot operations for the customer helpdesk for LifeCycleOS users, with plans for a full-scale rollout based on data analysis validation.

Taisei Corporation established LifeCycleOS on the cloud in February 2021 as a digital foundation to optimize the management, design and operations of buildings, supporting not only new construction but also existing spaces. In August 2022, the company expanded its services by launching its LCMC, a service that helps streamline maintenance management. Taisei Corporation is also actively strengthening security measures, having obtained certifications for security standards such as ISO27001 and ISO27017. To increase the efficiency of its building maintenance operations and unlock new ways to add to real estate values, Taisei Corporation decided to develop and manage a robust cloud environment that guarantees safety, security and stability of its data. 

Kyndryl has supported public cloud operations tasks such as configuration management, incident management and backup operations. In addition, to help increase customer satisfaction with LifeCycleOS, Kyndryl has leveraged expertise in its Digital Workplace practice to provide helpdesk support with agile development and user experience enhancement. It has already initiated trial operations, with plans to analyze the collected data for further operational enhancements.

Takashi Uesaka, President of Kyndryl Japan, said, "Taisei possesses technical capabilities in construction projects as a superior general contractor and engineering capabilities for building facilities. Taisei provides consistent services covering entire facilities, and is promoting the creation of a resilient society where people can live richly and culturally. Digital technology and further integration with IT can accelerate these efforts, with Kyndryl's knowledge of multi- and hybrid-cloud environments, IoT, artificial intelligence and a state-of-the-art help desk service to improve customer experience. Backed by the trust of our customers, we have supported complex and mission-critical systems for over 30 years and have supported a variety of advanced systems that are safe, secure and stable. For Kyndryl, which aims to be 'Heart of Progress' for social growth, supporting Taisei means sharing the same thoughts, and as a partner to build the future. I am glad that Taisei and Kyndryl will work together to promote the smart building of buildings and support next-generation social infrastructure."

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