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Real-time operational visibility helps Merkur Insurance improve customer care and enterprise performance

VIENNA, Austria, April 27, 2022 - Merkur Versicherung AG, Austrian private health insurer headquartered in Graz, announced today that Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world's largest IT infrastructure services provider, has completed a core enterprise transformation intended to streamline IT operations and improve flexibility, scalability and security to drive business growth.

Digital innovation is transforming the insurance industry. Insurers must embrace change and rethink business models to move towards a compliant, secure and digitally-enabled operating model to enhance customer experiences and innovate. This requires a stress-resistant IT infrastructure as a foundation.

To support its business in Austria and across Southeastern Europe, and to further transform its insurance operations and develop new services for its clients, Merkur Versicherung AG has selected Kyndryl to migrate its data center, network, and software capabilities to Kyndryl‘s highly available and resilient data centers. Kyndryl will also manage Merkur’s ongoing core enterprise operations. This strategic shift will help Merkur accelerate time to market for new offerings and enhance customer service. Merkur Versicherung AG will also be able to evolve its services with new features that leverage Kyndryl’s capabilities as a managed infrastructure service provider.

"While more businesses and individuals in Austria recognize the importance of having insurance coverage, penetration rates still have a considerable way to go if we want to protect the majority of our citizens and especially those who need it most," said Christian Kladiva, CEO, Merkur Versicherung AG. "At the end of the day, innovation must be tangible for the customer. For this, you need partners who shape the future with you and who also think outside the box with vision. With Kyndryl, we are working on constant optimization in the areas of data and failover security. Here we have found not only expertise and the courage to innovate, but above all a reliable companion for our journey into the future."

Additionally, Kyndryl helps Merkur to ensure secure business operations. Merkur will be able to perform early issue network detection without influence on its operations, achieve increased network efficiencies through granular planning, and gain a zero trust network with micro segmentation and visibility across all IT environments. By using Kyndryl’s deep expertise in security and cyber resilience, Merkur has increased protection for its datacenter workloads, keeping their vital systems secure, available, reliable and recoverable.

“Adopting this innovative infrastructure sourcing model will help Merkur Versicherung AG benefit from future automation technologies,” said Maria Kirschner, Managing Director, Kyndryl Austria. “Our approach is based on the highest security standards and it will ensure insurance operations that are secure, scalable and fast.”

Merkur Versicherung AG and Kyndryl have a long strategic partnership over decades where Kyndryl has been recognized as a trusted advisor for Merkur in various infrastructure projects by providing its industry expertise, technolgy and skills. Merkur selected Kyndryl for this latest implementation because of its deep expertise in core enterprise, security and resiliency.

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