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TOKYO, June 24, 2024 — Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced that it has contributed to the renewal of an optimal and sustainable thermal environment for IT infrastructure at the datacenter operated by Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd., which manages core systems for the group.

Kyndryl utilized its carbon management solutions, expertise and skills in datacenter facilities and verified the thermal environment. Through the reduction of 10 air conditioning units, Kyndryl has contributed to the renewal of an optimal and sustainable thermal environment for the IT infrastructure. Kyndryl believed that it will achieve a CO2 reduction of approximately 180 tons per year and has contributed to Panasonic Group's initiatives to address global environmental issues toward carbon neutrality.

Panasonic Group established its long-term environmental vision, "Panasonic GREEN IMPACT," in January 2022, setting a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons by 2050*. Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the IT environment, which form the foundation for corporate growth, are essential. It is imperative to build an optimal and sustainable environment while maintaining system stability.

Optimizing air conditioning operation involves balancing system stability with minimizing air conditioning unit operation, considering the fluctuation of equipment intake temperatures. Kyndryl used thermal simulations, one of its carbon management solutions, to verify the thermal environment within the datacenter. As a result, areas of heat recirculation and insufficient cooling airflow were identified, leading to the implementation of ceiling openings, partition installation, cable opening closures and rack design modifications. Additionally, to support the maintenance of a sustainable datacenter, an operational guide was created to assist with future operations and equipment changes. Previously, approximately 35 air conditioning units were operating throughout the datacenter. Through this initiative, approximately 29% of them, or 10 units, were reduced, which is expected to result in an annual CO2 reduction of approximately 180 tons. Kyndryl has extensive knowledge and skills in facility-related aspects of datacenters, from developing strategy to operation, cultivated over many years. Moreover, it offers datacenter-related services aimed at CO2 reduction, including thermal simulation.

“Panasonic Group considers reducing its own and society's CO2 emissions and addressing global warming as the most crucial challenge for the group. Utilizing Kyndryl's expertise in datacenters to reduce CO2 emissions is a remarkable result, and it has allowed us to contribute toward a sustainable earth,” said Tomoyuki Sakai, Senior Managing Director, Panasonic IS. 

“Kyndryl has long been engaged in the design, construction and operation of IT infrastructure leveraging datacenters. The modernization of these facilities presents a pressing challenge, not just for businesses but for society at large. We are pleased to be able to support the Panasonic Group, which is taking the lead in tackling global warming,” said Keisuke Maeda, Distinguished Engineer, Kyndryl Japan.

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*In 2020, energy-related CO2 emissions were 31.7 billion tons (Source: IEA)