By Gary Odom, Security and Resiliency Cross-Practice Leader, and Dane Knudson, Global Alliance Lead – Security and Resiliency

Customers around the world are increasingly reliant on the security and resiliency of one of their company’s most valuable assets: data. Whether data is created for a single use, gathered and repurposed, or is a single data point returned from the field via IoT, every aspect of data is inherently valuable to drive decisions. However, data is constantly threatened by natural disasters, bad actors and accidental data loss, all the way to concentrated and well-funded nation-state operatives.

Current data protection environments can consist of a considerable number of disparate security tools that are often siloed with little to no integration, yet often rely on the same data sources. These siloed approaches to protecting data no longer provide the protections that customers need. The challenge for companies — and their technology partners — is to flip the script by breaking down silos and using the insights data creates to protect it.

That’s why Kyndryl is collaborating with AWS on processes and technologies to support growing customer demand for greater visibility, threat intelligence and faster execution of threat intelligence. We are working to break silos inherent in a disparate grouping of security technologies that create complexity and vulnerabilities.  

The goal is to create a unified customer-focused solution, aligned with Amazon Security Lake, that is tailored to industry vertical and company-specific needs and seamlessly integrate a customer’s existing security technologies from a diverse set of assets such as hybrid IT, IoT and OT estates.

Specifically, we are teaming with AWS to focus on an approach that minimizes false positives and reduces time and money to detect and resolve a major incident; integrates traditional and emerging security capabilities into a highly integrated, cohesive and agile operation; and integrates cyber and recovery to resiliency which minimizes the downtime of a cyber event. 

As customers seek to ensure that cyber resilience is the foundation on which they build for the future, Kyndryl and AWS are aligning our respective skills and expertise to help change and transform how we deliver and support data resilience.