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FinOps Services

Kyndryl crafts FinOps strategies that help optimize hybrid cloud costs, foster financial accountability, and promote a cost-conscious culture  

Why choose Kyndryl for FinOps?

Kyndryl offers comprehensive FinOps services and leverages our expertise, processes, and technology to drive your FinOps maturity and business success.

We foster collaboration through direct client engagement, provide deep expertise in managing complex hybrid IT environments, and prioritize systemic changes for sustained FinOps operationalization.

Our credentials

Certified service provider and platform

Kyndryl’s Services and FinOps Platform are certified by the FinOps Foundation, allowing us to provide an end-to-end solution.

300+ certified practitioners

We have 300+ FinOps certified practitioners and professionals ready to advise, implement, and operate at every stage of FinOps lifecycle.


Kyndryl FinOps platform brings actionable insights and recommendations that help optimize your hybrid cloud consumption.

Building your FinOps capability

Our FinOps use cases provide a roadmap for success

Use case 1:

FinOps assessment uncovers significant cost savings

  • Assess FinOps maturity and design desired state operating model
  • Identify and assess data sources across multiple cloud and non-cloud providers
  • Uncover non-compliant tags according to business and organizational hierarchy
  • Generate and track resource optimizations

Use case 2:

FinOps optimization and wastage management

  • Tag resources with business context for cost allocation, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Identify optimization opportunities including rate, usage, commitment-based discounts, and design
  • Validate the feasibility and business impact of the optimizations
  • Collaborate with budget owners to implement recommended actions to reduce waste

Use case 3:

Create a culture of continuous improvement

  • Daily monitoring of cost and utilization trends, anomalies, and actionable insights
  • Develop a model for automation and anomaly detection
  • Set up regular cadence optimization reports
  • Foster financial accountability with governance best practices, cost attribution and business alignment, and reporting
  • Continuous cost allocation of resources for chargeback and showback
Customers succeed with Kyndryl FinOps services

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