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Restore Traveler Trust and Prepare for Future Threats

Restore Traveler Trust and Prepare for Future Threats

A leading car rental company wanted to stabilize production systems, realize performance gains, and migrate applications to a cloud environment without breaking existing interactions with other on-premises applications.

how we helped

Minimized operational risk and enabled top line revenue growth through a fully supported hybrid cloud solution.

Designed architecture

Partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a design consisting of a hybrid cloud architecture, a cloud landing zone environment, and a replacement of out-of-date on-premises hardware.

Well-Architected Framework

Modeled the cloud migration off of AWS’s Well-Architected Framework that codified migration best practices and was designed for the client’s business requirements.

Protected mission-critical client applications and enriched existing backup solutions.

Zero disruption

Protected applications like the counter agent booking system while safe-harboring existing interactions with on-premises applications.

Secure and resilient

Fortified existing back-up solutions and eliminated single point of failure scenarios for production systems.

Enabled state-of-the art operations, modernizing critical revenue generating client applications.


Enabled operational agility by modernizing front-end applications and making them cloud-centric.

Ready to go

Improved speed to market by shifting from a monolithic application architecture to microservices.

Customer use cases
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Differentiate to enhance competitiveness

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Reduce fixed costs and drive operational efficiency

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