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Optimize assets and reduce fixed costs

Optimize Assets and Reduce Fixed Costs

A North American freight railroad depends on a condition-based asset management system for its physical assets, including track and bridges. The railroad needed to optimize this system to help ensure its safety and reliability. 

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Data analytics from thousands of detectors helps determine risk-level.

Data management

Provides the systems, communications, and platforms that are leveraged to manage data.

Corrective prioritization

Offers insights to the rail network control center to help them implement the corrective prioritization.

Proactive maintenance and actionable insights help ensure safety by preventing incidents before they occur.

Agile prioritization

Leverages the client’s vast wealth of data and alerts with analysis that intelligently identify and generate priorities. 

Applied AI Ops

Analyzes, transmits, and presents for action, of the client’s received message traffic.

Proactive maintenance increases asset utilization and decreases disruption. 

Leverages insights

Identifies the optimal preventative actions before they reach the next stop. 

Enables preventative actions

Encourages performing maintenance before issues area likely to occur, helping to reduce unplanned interruptions by performing repairs at scheduled stops.

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