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Meaning, purpose, and impact: Why contributing to UNSDG is good business

Pódcast 6 mar 2024
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Episode notes:

Partnerships between large corporations and startups can be advantageous for every company involved. These partnerships can uncover the latest technologies, deliver better outcomes for customers and transform and modernize business. Startup teams also benefit from the opportunity to learn from large, established organizations. But what is the impact for the global community? ​

While large corporations have a duty to corporate responsibility, startups may not think about their global impact in the earlier series of the business. But what if a partnership with a large corporation included encouragement and guidance and required a commitment to think about their global footprint? What if a startup had to consider the circular economy and be purposeful in a meaningful dimension that has impact?​

Listen as our experts explore the importance of being purpose driven and making a positive contribution to our economies and our communities.​​

Featured experts
  • Taïg Khris, CEO & Founder, Onoff telecomm
  • Warrick Cramer, Global Director Innovation Strategy, Kyndryl
What you will hear

"Any company in the world, they need to make money. But if you have a great vision and a great purpose there, you don't make money to just give millions to the investor. You make money to give the opportunity for the company to go bigger and better on their mission to be able to reinvest and share what they've built to more people. They are not working for making the investor richer, they're working to make the company have a better impact."  —Taïg

“[It’s] very, very simple for a corporation…be honest, 100% honest, in their reason on why they do it [hone their purpose]. It doesn't have to be to pretend to get more money at the end for the investor and so on, blah, blah, blah. Because people see it. People feel it. No, it has to be a true desire. A true vision from all the leaders from the company. And it has to be shared with everyone and has to be proven in the act, with the profit the company makes, how it can give back and help. This is extremely important.” —Taïg

"The change that's happening so quickly around us is that it comes back to the fundamental elements of the purpose of why we're actually doing what we're doing. So it's lovely to have Chat GPT 4, etc. But what value is it adding to humanity? And now there's two sides of this coin too, by the way. You've got the good and you've got the bad. And hopefully, we'll do more good than bad. However, we have to acknowledge that it does exist. So as technologists, our job every single day is to say, "Well, how do we actually take a product or an AI or whatever the new technology that's coming up, the next new thing coming up, and how do we actually do good with it? How do we protect humanity, the people that are vulnerable?"  —Warrick