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Governmental Requests for Customer Data

Trust is foundational to all we do at Kyndryl, and we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customer’s data in all jurisdictions where Kyndryl and our customers do business. We are a technology infrastructure provider; the data that we manage for our customers is generally not the target of government requests. To help our customers understand how our privacy protections extend to government requests for their data, we want our customers to know that:

  • Kyndryl will never provide a customer’s data to any government unless we are legally required to do so, and if we are required, we will only provide the minimum information that is mandated by law.
  • Kyndryl maintains that requests by governments for customer data should be made to the customer rather than Kyndryl, and we will advocate that any government request we receive for customer data be redirected to the customer. We will notify the customer of any such requests, unless prohibited by law, and we will challenge any prohibition against notifying the customer.
  • If a government seeks customer data from Kyndryl, we will review the request to determine whether it satisfies applicable laws, and we will challenge through available judicial or other means all requests that are not in accordance with those laws, or which are unclear or overly broad.
  • Kyndryl entities are individual companies incorporated in the country where they operate. Their duty to uphold data privacy protections and adhere to local law is not affected by these entities’ corporate relationships.
  • Kyndryl will provide information on government requests every 6 months in our Transparency Report (see below).

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