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Improve employee experience and safety

Improve employee experience and safety

At a large Dow chemical plant, maintenance was a very manual process, requiring trips from office to field and the filing of paper reports. The plant needed help to digitize and modernize operations.

how we helped

A private cellular network enables digital communication, reduces maintenance time, and increases worker safety.

Private network

Partnered with Nokia to deploy a private cellular network for connectivity.

Improved collaboration

Microsoft Teams software allows workers to communicate and collaborate with push-to-talk functionality.

Lower costs

Realized a 3-5x cost improvement over existing solutions.

Rugged digital devices let operators see live updates while a maintenance procedure is underway in the field, reducing communication time.

Digital documentation

Advanced documentation capabilities allow workers in the field to communicate with the lab about samples using photos and video.

Device management

Nokia’s wireless device control system manages more than 45,000 devices on-site.

Improved performance

10% increase in device life across the fleet due to monitoring and remediation.

Digitalized documents reduce paper use and enable real-time communication between floor operators and control room engineers.

Smart procedures

Smart procedures use logic to drive the next step, like QR Codes for fire inspection teams that confirm inspection at the point of the fire extinguisher.

Digitized processes

Required steps in digitalized process reduce room for error by requiring the operator to follow every step in the procedure.

Improved tracking

Tracking provides notifications about missing steps and enables learnings from past procedures.

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