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Supplier ASNs

The following below contains a guide for supplier Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) including how to create a ship notice, what information is needed, and scenarios for an ASN cancellation.

We encourage that you download and view the Supplier Information on creating ASN deck as this includes screenshots for a visual aid.

Create a ship notice

Purpose of this help guide
  1. Create a Ship Notice once the items have shipped. 
  2. Multiple Ship Notices per purchase order (PO) can be sent.
  3. Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) are mandatory for all serialized products that require Asset tracking.


  1. Click "Create Ship Notice" on the PO document 
  2. Check the "Ship From" and "Deliver To" information.
  3.  Update if required by clicking on Update Address.
  4. Any field with an asterisk is required to be completed.
  5. Click OK.

Ship notice header

Fill out the requested information on the form. The Packing Slip ID is any number you use to identify the Ship Notice. (Fields marked with an asterisk*  are mandatory fields)

  • Packing Slip ID (tracking number).
  • Shipping Date.
  • Delivery Date.


  1. Choose "Carrier Name," and "Tracking and Shipping Method" will appear.
  2. Delivery Terms and other transportation details can be included on all Ship Notices to support a broader range of shipping information collaboration. 
  3. Add any attachments.

Line item details

  1. Scroll down to view Order Item Information and update the quantity shipped for each line item.
  2. Update Ship Qty to reflect the quantity being shipped.
  3. For Serialized Commodity codes: click on "Add details" (far right on screen) and fill the serial numbers for all the items. (Note: If Q=5, then there should be 5 Serial Nos)
  4. Click "Next" to proceed to review your Ship Notice.
  5. After reviewing your Ship Notice, click "Submit" to send Ship Notice to your buyer.
  6. After submitting your Ship Notice, the Order Status will be updated to Shipped.
  7. Submitted Ship Notices can be viewed from the Fulfilment tab or by clicking the link under the Related Documents from the PO View.
  8. Click "Done."

Invoice Submission

  • The Invoice "create" button will become highlighted AFTER the Shipment Notice has been successfully sent to Kyndryl
  • The Invoice creation instruction is standard SAP function and can be found on the Supplier Information Portal.

ASN Cancellation Scenario

The Supplier needs to cancel the ASN and resubmit it for the following scenarios:

  1. When Supplier omits to enter Serial Number for Serialized Commodity codes.
  2. When ASN got stuck due to connectivity issue in S4.
  3. When the Supplier submits Invoice first instead of the ASN (ASN should be submitted first prior to sending Invoice for Asset POs).
  4. For Any miscellaneous errors made during submission.