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What is Source to Pay?

Our procurement transformation program is called Source to Pay. Our chosen strategic platforms are SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass for Source to Pay and Contingent Workforce Management respectively.

Learn more about SAP Ariba
Learn more about SAP Fieldglass

When did this take effect?

We deployed our Source to Pay platforms in May and August 2023. 

Which countries were affected?

We deployed Kyndryl Procurement Portal (SAP Ariba) – and in selected countries Kyndryl Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass), denoted with an asterisk.

May: Austria​, Belgium*​, China Onshore*​, Denmark*​, Finland​, France (FRA)*​, French Polynesia (FRA)*​, Germany (GER)*​, Hong Kong / China Offshore*​, Indonesia​, Korea​, Luxembourg*​, Macau​, Malaysia​, Netherlands*​, Netherlands Holding B.V.​, New Caledonia (FRA)​, Norway, Philippines​, Singapore*​, Sweden*​, Switzerland*​, Taiwan*​, Thailand*​, Vietnam​

August: Argentina​, Australia (ANZ)*​, Brazil​, Bulgaria​, Canada (CAN)*​, Chile​, Colombia​, Costa Rica​, Croatia​, Cyprus​, Czech Republic*​, Ecuador​, Egypt​, Estonia​, Greece​, Hungary​, India (IND)*​, Ireland (UKI)*​, Israel*​, Italy (ITA)​, Japan (JPN)*​, Latvia​, Lithuania​, Mexico​, New Zealand (ANZ)*​, Pakistan*​, Peru​, Poland*​, Portugal (IBR)​, Romania​, Saudi Arabia *​, Slovakia​, Slovenia​, South Africa​, Spain (IBR)*​, Turkey​, UAT​, Ukraine​, United Kingdom (UKI)​*, Uruguay​, US (USA)*​, Venezuela​

How will you transact with us now?

Conducting business via the SAP Business Network will be required and your purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgments, and advanced ship notices will be transmitted using this platform.

Go to Invoicing Instructions for detailed instructions by country.

What are the costs?

Kyndryl and SAP Ariba have an agreement to provide your organization access to SAP Business Network without any network fees. This applies to Kyndryl transactions only.

Please note, if you opt for additional services or transact with other buying organizations on SAP Business Network, you may be subject to fees. Click here to learn more about SAP Business Network fees.

Where can I learn more about Kyndryl and SAP Business Network?

SAP Business Network is a comprehensive B2B collaboration platform connecting people, processes and systems across multiple enterprises to digitise transactions and create transparent, and sustainable supply chains.

For more information, please visit SAP Business Network.

Where can I learn more about Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass)?

For suppliers of contingent workers to Kyndryl, please visit Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass).