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COBOL and legacy skills

Optimize, manage and modernize mission-critical workloads with our mainframe expertise in skills like COBOL, RPG, CICS, PL/1, JCL, REXX and other legacy languages

Powering mission-critical environments with legacy skills expertise

Legacy language skills like COBOL, RPG, CICS, JCL, REXX, PL/1 and others, continue to be very much in demand.

Kyndryl offers an agile IT model, a flexible environment, a customized solution and extensive mainframe expertise to upgrade and integrate your legacy applications using an optimized, multi-platform hybrid approach. We provide short and long-term workforce strategies that eliminate risks like technical debt accumulation and system instabilities that arise from legacy skill shortages.

Our team of highly skilled and diverse mainframe experts, combined with the use of generative AI tools empower your mission-critical environment for years ahead.

Global expertise

Enabling high performance hybrid environments by leveraging agile practices, automation, cloud integration and experience from largest mainframe installed base.

Cost savings

Significant cost savings and reduction in MIPS consumption on the mainframe by improved efficiency in the development, operation, and maintenance of mainframe applications

Ease of future maintenance

Migrating legacy applications to modern programming languages with automation capabilities decreases migration time and manual interventions

Bank of Ireland’s mainframe simplification agenda

Bank of Ireland is focusing on digital experiences and addressing its aging IT infrastructure. The bank is pursuing what they describe as a mainframe simplification agenda through three ways of working and educating a new generation of technical experts, which helps address capability and skills gaps.

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Reducing technical debt

A state agency information technology services provider partnered with Kyndryl for legacy skills to maintain production work and workforce strategies to prevent skill shortages, minimizing technical debt and ensuring business continuity.

Saving big with cloud-optimized mainframes


A Japanese steel manufacturer saved over $10 million in costs and reduced MIPS consumption by improving efficiency through re-platforming mainframe applications to run on the cloud for better development, operation and maintenance.

Revolutionizing IT efficiency strategy

A leading global automotive manufacturer plans to optimize their IT budget over 3-5 years by reducing 70% of the run-rate and capital spending, with 100% lift-and-shift and 98% code conversion efforts being automated.

Reducing mainframe costs with COBOL optimization


A Spanish multinational financial services company reduced their annual mainframe costs by $6 million by optimizing their COBOL application, resulting in a 10% decrease in peak MIPS usage.


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