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Data Management and Artificial Intelligence Services

Enable end-to-end data management and AI transformation for business value

Unlock value from data and AI to deliver exceptional user experience

Our Data and AI services can help solve complex data management and AI problems. We accelerate your Data and AI transformation across your hybrid multicloud environment by providing agile, integrated, flexible solutions for your enterprise data estate.

Kyndryl’s data fabric reference architecture provides enterprise-wide access to data and ensures success of your data-driven initiatives.

Depending on where you are in your modernization or transformation journey, we leverage the best-in-class augmented and intelligent workflows using open and secure design and methodologies.


Large in-house global team with proven expertise across multiple industry verticals and geographies

End-to-end services

Full-stack data management and AI services delivered with automated workflows and built-in intelligence

Strong partner ecosystem

Enables modular, scalable, production-grade data management and enterprise AI capabilities across your hybrid multicloud environment

Fit-for-purpose solutions

A flexible approach with composable data fabric and composite AI solutions, plus transfer learning approaches and synthetic data generation.

Industry expertise

Using a client-first, technology and vendor neutral approach, our solutions bring in expertise across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and banking.

Single, unified console

Our augmented data and analytics console enables ease of use, consolidated monitoring, and improved reliability.

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