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What is coming to Accounts Payable Processes as part of the S2P Transformation?

The Kyndryl S2P team works to build new services for Accounts Payable, delivered by Kyndryls to Kyndryls.

Our mission is to design an Accounts Payable Process that is built for the future:

  • Transparent
  • Accurate
  • Simple
  • Industry Standard

Invoice Processing Strategy

Our strategy is not only to allow, but to utilize electronic invoicing!
  • Where SAP Business Network (formerly called Ariba Network) is compliant for invoice issuance, we'd expect suppliers to use it for both their and Kyndryl's benefits. It offers immediate, automated invoice validation and processing, advanced status and remittance information. Suppliers have the opportunity to integrate their billing systems with the Network through EDI connection, cXML formats, and CSV upload. If POs were created via Contractor Portal the electronic invoice process must go via Contractor Portal as well.
  • Where SAP Business Network is not compliant for invoicing, but other electronic invoice formats are legally accepted, Accounts Payable is going to utilize Opentext Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR) to automate reception, validation and compliant archiving. We offer OCR PDF invoicing received through e-mail. Please make sure you send 1 invoice attached to a single mail to ensure successful reception.
  • For OCR PDF invoicing please find the information you require here: Download ->
  • Kyndryl operates in a few countries, where only paper invoices are acknowledged. For those countries, Accounts Payable offers centralized invoice reception and scanning locations in each time zones. Our operations team then funnels the scanned invoices into Opentext OCR.

  • Check out the comprehensive table below that contains all the Kyndryl Legal Entity details so that you can issue your invoices correctly and send them to the right place for scanning and processing. 

  • If you are looking for information on paper invoices, which applies only to India, download this document.

Tax types and Tax Registration ID formats

Please note that Tax Type and Tax Registration ID is verified by the Ariba tax engine for your uploaded invoice.

Tax Type must be applicable to the country and transaction type. Tax Registration ID will be accepted only if provided with defined format.
Download ->

List of countries with SAP Business Network legal invoice issuance status and reference intake strategy:

WaveCountry of originBusiness Networkinvoicing supported?Reception/Processing Primary Strategy
2AUSTRALIA                        YesSAP Business Network
2BULGARIA       YesSAP Business Network
2CANADA       YesSAP Business Network
2CYPRUS       YesSAP Business Network
2CZECH REPUBLIC       YesSAP Business Network
2ESTONIA       YesSAP Business Network
2HUNGARY       YesSAP Business Network
2IRELAND       YesSAP Business Network
2ITALY       YesSAP Business Network
2JAPAN       YesSAP Business Network
2LATVIA       YesSAP Business Network
2MEXICO       YesSAP Business Network
2NEW ZEALAND       YesSAP Business Network
2POLAND       YesSAP Business Network
2ROMANIA       YesSAP Business Network
2SAUDI ARABIA       YesSAP Business Network
2SLOVAKIA       YesSAP Business Network
2SLOVENIA       YesSAP Business Network
2SOUTH AFRICA       YesSAP Business Network
2SPAIN       YesSAP Business Network
2UNITED ARAB EMIRATES       YesSAP Business Network
2UNITED KINGDOM       YesSAP Business Network
2UNITED STATES       YesSAP Business Network
2INDIA       YesSAP Business Network for Service, Material PO related invoices. IOI (NONPO) and Fieldglass-related PO invoicing through PDF OCR:
2CHILE       NoPDF OCR (
2EGYPT       NoPDF OCR (
2PERU       NoPDF OCR (
1AUSTRIA       YesSAP Business Network
1BELGIUM       YesSAP Business Network
1DENMARK       YesSAP Business Network
1FINLAND       YesSAP Business Network
1FRANCE       YesSAP Business Network
1GERMANY       YesSAP Business Network
1HONG KONG       YesSAP Business Network
1LUXEMBOURG       YesSAP Business Network
1MALAYSIA       YesSAP Business Network
1NETHERLANDS       YesSAP Business Network
1NORWAY       YesSAP Business Network
1SINGAPORE       YesSAP Business Network
1SWEDEN       YesSAP Business Network
1SWITZERLAND       YesSAP Business Network
1CHINA       NoPaper OCR (download)
1MACAO       NoPaper OCR (download)
1PHILIPPINES       NoPaper OCR (download)
1THAILAND       NoPaper OCR (download)
1KOREA       NoPDF OCR (

General Invoice Instructions for Invoices

  1. Make sure your invoice meets the invoicing country tax requirements.
  2. Issue your invoices to the billing address stated on your Purchase Order (include Kyndryl entity name, address, VAT/tax number). 
  3. Ensure your invoices are issued from the supplier’s name, address and proper tax IDs matching the supplier and Kyndryl entity for which the order was issued.
  4. State the Purchase Order number and Kyndryl Contact name on the invoice. Note: Place only one Purchase Order Number on each invoice; invoices must be credit or debit values only, not mixed. 
  5. Each invoice line item must quote the valid Purchase Order item to which it relates.
  6. In case of price variations please notify the responsible buyer in writing before re-invoicing. 
  7. The value of the line item (including previous invoices against the line item) must not exceed the value of the Purchase Order line item.
  8. Invoices must be issued in the same currency as the Purchase Order. 
  9. Invoices not meeting these conditions will be returned unpaid.
  10. Invoicing should only happen after goods or services have been delivered.
  11. Please note that standard payment terms are applied from the date of receipt of a correct invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the contact details (phone number and email) for Accounts Payable?
Please work through your Kyndryl procurement contact. If you do not know who your Kyndryl Procurement contact is and require assistance, please check out Procurement Support.

How do I add the Kyndryl House Bank account to make sure my receivable can be automated?
Please work through your Kyndryl procurement contact, bank accounts can only be provided to you directly.

What should I do if I am invoicing via Paper (or PDF)?
Please make sure you use the correct Mail To address in column E found in Detail on how to issue invoices to Kyndryl. 

What should I do if I am invoicing through Buy@IBM (Ariba), WOI or Web Portal?
Please ensure that the billing address on the PO is that of Kyndryl. Please ensure your invoice includes the correct Kyndryl billing address, tax number and company name.

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