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Flexible and modular services speed cyberattack detection, response and recovery

NEW YORK, July 26, 2023 – Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced that it has significantly expanded the services it offers to enable enterprise customers to quickly detect and effectively respond to and recover from cyberattacks.

Kyndryl’s new end-to-end security operations capabilities and services will enable the Company’s more than $2 billion (annual revenue) Security & Resiliency practice to expand its presence in the $47 billion global market for managed cybersecurity services (projected for 2025).

Cyberattacks on traditional security operations are becoming more frequent, damaging customer reputations, impacting their finances, and often causing operational shutdowns. Kyndryl is moving fast to help customers address this problem by offering a differentiated set of services that provide flexibility, along with complementary capabilities from its growing ecosystem of partners, to help customers modernize and fortify their security operations. 

“The one-size fits all Security Operations Center no longer works. Today, too many organizations struggle with tools that are not configured, monitored, or connected to the systems that detect real alerts from false positives. Even with greater awareness of the need to reduce the number of tools and connect the ones that are needed, the continuing talent shortage hamstrings these well-intentioned efforts,” said Craig Robinson, Research Vice President at IDC. “CISOs and CIOs will appreciate the flexible approach that Kyndryl is offering with their expanding security operations services, while Chief Compliance Officers will appreciate their expanding global presence that helps to address the growing number of data sovereignty regulations.”

We created an industry-leading portfolio of Kyndryl security services that are specifically built for the modern needs of cybersecurity teams by incorporating flexibility at the core.

Kris Lovejoy

Global Practice Leader for Kyndryl's Security & Resiliency practice

Kyndryl’s modular Security Operations as a platform features a centralized and unified management system and enables customers to retain existing security technology and delivery investments while fortifying their operations. The new services are delivered through global centers that validate the data handled in specific locations to help customers meet compliance and data processing requirements.

"We created an industry-leading portfolio of Kyndryl security services that are specifically built for the modern needs of cybersecurity teams by incorporating flexibility at the core," says Kris Lovejoy, Global Practice Leader for Kyndryl's Security & Resiliency practice. "Traditional security operations centers and platforms typically are rigid - they often implement a one-size-fits-all approach and don't adapt to the changing needs of the business. Our Security Operations as a platform centralize existing security investments, utilize hybrid teams, and continuously adapt for the changing threat landscape." 

Expanded Security Services

Kyndryl is ready to meet customers where they are on their security journey through comprehensive advisory, implementation and managed services focused on core building blocks of modern security operations. This includes Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Vulnerability Management. While traditional security operations lack versatility or the ability for customers to select services tailored to their needs, Kyndryl’s customers can choose and rapidly deploy new capabilities based on their changing business requirements. 

Kyndryl’s cyber resilience experts and Kyndryl Consult partners facilitate the design and evolution of customer security operations journeys by assessing the status of current security operations environments, creating recommendations for the optimal future state and collaborating on an implementation and transition plan. Kyndryl experts will manage customer infrastructures and monitor the environment for security disruptions through its network of global Security Operations Centers.  

Security Operations Centers

Kyndryl has launched security operations centers in Italy, Canada, Hungary and Spain, with plans for additional centers based in India and Japan by the end of the year. The network of centers provides customers with support and protection to manage cyber threats. Kyndryl provides a hybrid model that allows organizations to integrate their existing security teams with Kyndryl's cybersecurity experts, or fully outsource the end-to-end management of their security operations to Kyndryl. 

Security Operations as a platform

Many organizations are faced with disparate and complex IT environments and security toolsets, with some managing more than 100 tools and technologies. While traditional security operations often force customers to choose from a set of tools, Kyndryl’s vendor/partner agnostic security operations as a service platform creates a centralized and unified management system/platform that enables organizations to retain existing security investments while helping them augment their operations with new services. The platform utilizes security technology capabilities with native AI and Machine Learning (ML) to detect the newest threats and react quickly with an automated response.

The modular approach complements Kyndryl Bridge, which was developed from the Company’s decades of expertise managing complex, mission-critical environments, and is an ‘as-a-service’ operating environment that includes a single marketplace, an operational management console and an AI and ML analytics engine. The Security Operations as a platform capabilities will be fully integrated into Kyndryl Bridge by the end of the Company’s current fiscal year (March 2024). Through this integration, customers will enhance the security visibility of their Kyndryl managed IT estate.

Comprehensive Cyber Resilience 

Kyndryl’s new security operations and response capabilities are fully integrated into its Security & Resiliency portfolio that focuses on helping customers anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse conditions, threats or cyberattacks. Kyndryl’s integrated services and platform also leverages the capabilities of the Company’s global ecosystem of strategic partnerships and alliances, including the leading cloud hyperscalers and numerous security and resiliency partners. According to IDC, existing customers could realize a five-year return on investment of 568 percent with Kyndryl’s Security and Resiliency Services.¹


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¹ IDC White Paper, sponsored by Kyndryl,  The Business Value of Kyndryl Security and Resiliency Services, US50519723, July 2023.