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A guide for the invoicing process in India

For general invoicing instructions and other countries, please go here. This page contains guidelines and rules that are specific to India.

A new validation rule regarding our invoicing process in the SAP Business Network (SBN) has been set in place.

Your GST ID (Goods and Services Tax ID) number on an online invoice must match the state from which the goods are shipped. It is essential to follow this rule when submitting invoices.

For detailed guidance, please download this file -> here.

Before you begin:
You must have your Legal Profile set up with all GST Registrations. For guidance on setting up your Legal Profile, please visit the SAP Guide -> here.
Note: On step seven, you can select 2017 or 2019 tax regime.

When your Legal Profile is set up, continue to the steps below.

Find your GST ID number

The GST ID number has 15 characters and the first two digits show the state code.

You must match these first two digits with the state code of where they ship from. (e.g. Maharashtra is 27, Karnataka is 29)

You can find the state codes and their matching GST ID prefixes below.

State codes and GST ID prefixes

Submitting an online invoice

After filling out your online invoice in SAP Business Network, double-check that the GST ID number and Ship From state match.

When you submit your invoice, the SAP Business Network system will review. it

If the GST ID number and Ship From state do not match, the system will give you an error and the invoice will not go through.

To resubmit, please check that you have filled out the invoice correctly, and have a matching GST ID number  and Ship From state.

For an example of a correct and incorrect entry, please view our detailed guide -> here.

Additional India invoicing information
  • If you are looking for information on paper invoices, which applies only to India, you must use the following document -> download.
  • India uses SAP Business Network for Service,  and Material PO related invoices IOI 
  • (NONPO) and Fieldglass-related PO invoicing is done through PDF OCR: