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Contingent Workforce Management for Suppliers

Kyndryl uses SAP Fieldglass as our Contractor Portal to find, engage, and manage contingent workers and services providers to maximize business value. 

Kyndryl has chosen SAP Fieldglass for managing our Contingent Workforce. Introducing one platform for managing our contingent workforce helps Kyndryl optimize our use of contingent workforce and making more strategic labour decisions. This forms part of Kyndryl’s global move to its own Source to Pay platform.

You as a Contingent Workforce Management supplier to Kyndryl will use our Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass) when deployed in May and July 2023.  Through the Contractor Portal you will submit candidates, accept work orders, and submit time and expenses for invoicing. 

Key benefits

Management of our global contingent workforce

  • Workflow driven process to support active management of contingent workforce and services including contractor onboarding and offboarding
  • Different invoice options based on recorded and approved time, expenses and services performed
  • Greater visibility and control of entire process for contingent labour and services
  • Built-in tax and regulatory compliance
  • Faster access to qualified candidates
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Improved data security

Get started

When will you start to use Kyndryl Contractor Portal?
We will deploy Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass) in May and July 2023. You as a supplier will be notified in advance.

Where will Kyndryl Contractor Portal be deployed?
We have assessed our use of Contingent Workers globally – and selected the following countries where it will be deployed. May deployment noted with an asterisk (*)

Australia (ANZ)
Canada (CAN)
China Onshore*
Czech Republic
France (FRA)*
French Polynesia (FRA)*
Germany (GER)*
Hong Kong / China Offshore*
India (IND)
Ireland (UKI)
Japan (JPN)
New Zealand (ANZ)
Saudi Arabia 
Spain (IBR)
United Kingdom (UKI)
US (USA)​​

What training is available to suppliers?
We will contact you to offer training based on which deployment you are in.

As you supply contractors to Kyndryl, you are required to take training in how to use our new Contractor Portal. This platform will be based on industry standards and will implement well-defined processes for Contingent Workforce Management to better support our customers.

Where do I find the training material used?
Go to Resources section below and you’ll find the training material used. 


To support you in getting set up on our Contractor Portal (SAP Fieldglass), you find resources for you and your team below.

Training resources:
The training course covers two main areas:
Contractor Supplier Training & Recording
Managed Services Training & Recording

SAP Fieldglass Help Portal:
The SAP Fieldglass Product Page contains guides and reference materials related to configuring, managing, and using Contingent, Services and Assignment Management features and functionality.  

SAP Fieldglass Supplier Administrator Guide:
SAP Fieldglass has created a guide for Supplier Administrators that you may find useful.

It was written to provide a basic understanding of how to perform supplier administrator functions within SAP Fieldglass. In it, you will see how to configure the SAP Fieldglass system to suit your organization’s needs. The guide focuses on the most used features of the SAP Fieldglass application. The steps documented in this guide serve as a basis for understanding the functionality of the application and may not fully represent the actions required from a supplier for each instance of the SAP Fieldglass application.

Need support? For help, please go to SAP Ariba Help Centre