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Experience Management as a Service

Deliver high-impact experience at the heart of your business

Transform your experiences

Are you looking for new ways to elevate employee and customer experience, and increase engagement, to deliver business outcomes? Our Experience Management as a Service end-to-end capability helps organizations get the most of their technology services to realize tangible business results.

Kyndryl Introduces Experience Management as a Service to Help Customers Monitor, Measure and Achieve Business Outcomes

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Transformation and value

Helps you maximize the value from all the technology advances in recent years to support hybrid work, generative AI, network/edge advances, cloud adoption, and security.

Customizable offerings

Modular and leverages your existing technology investments, to meet you wherever you are on your technology journey to deliver transformation that drives business value.

Cross-platform capabilities

Our wide range of cross-platform capabilities allow you to measure and improve your service experience.

What is Experience Management as a Service?

Experience management is a new way of measuring services by focusing on the quality and value of the experience of your employees and end-customers. Experience management services are not just about making an experience great -- they are about making it relevant and meaningful for your business objectives.


At Kyndryl, we use a unique methodology to design, measure, and improve the experience of your IT services, using data and analytics, automation, and AI. We call this methodology Experience Management as a Service.

How does Experience Management as a Service work?

Experience Management as a Service is a four-step process that enables the optimization of employee experience to achieve business results. It is instrumented through the use of data gathered from the enterprise which is converted into actionable experience level agreements (XLAs).


XLAs are a set of metrics that capture the experience outcomes of our services, such as satisfaction, loyalty, productivity, and innovation. XLAs are different from traditional service level agreements (SLAs), which focus on the technical performance and availability of the service.


By delivering services with experience as the overarching goal, you drive efficiency, productivity, retained and valued employees, and an enhanced customer experience. The four steps of Experience Management as a Service are:

  1. Journey mapping: We map the end-to-end journey of the service, showing the touchpoints, pain points, and signature moments that can impact the experience.
  2. XLA design: We co-create the XLAs that measure the experience outcomes of the service, aligning them with the business goals and the end-user needs

  3. XLA measurement: We enable a unified observability platform that collects and can analyze data from various sources, such as surveys, feedback, sensors, and telemetry, to monitor and report on the XLA performance.

  4. Experience improvement: We use the insights from the data to find and prioritize the actions that can eliminate inefficiencies and implement process change, automation, and AI.
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