When you need to ensure 45,000 employees have reliable tools to meet mission-critical goals . . .

How do you proactively shield them from IT disruptions?

Continuously improving digital experiences to drive business efficiency and employee productivity

As told by Chris Anderson, Director of CIO Services, Dow

In partnership with Anthony Minniti, Director, Customer Partner, Kyndryl and Johanna Einreinhofer, Customer Delivery Partner, Kyndryl

With large volumes of product to ship and track on tight timelines, Dow employees need highly reliable tools. Computer issues that disrupt work could mean, for example, that sealants used to ensure structural integrity of runways at many international airports might not arrive in time for important maintenance.

As Director of CIO Services at Dow, Chris Anderson is responsible for anticipating and resolving IT disruptions. His team could not afford to operate exclusively within a reactive IT Service Management (ITSM), where tickets call IT professionals into action. Yet the team was seeing a large number of system crashes on Dow devices that they could only address one at a time, relying on system logs to troubleshoot.

Planning ahead, Chris engaged Kyndryl, his trusted partner, to collaborate on transforming the company's device management program end-to-end. The key objective was to improve device performance and reliability, so that line of business professionals could deliver more value across customer supply chains.

Analyst Women Looking At KPI Data On Computer Screen

Improving digital experiences for users across lines of business

Chris knew that the ability to synthesize and mine existing large data volumes could bring better digital performance and reliability sooner to all the lines of business, personas and users.

In addition to making sure that the employees could be more productive and effective, Chris believed that the right approach could help employees and the business with decision-making. One way to support better decisions would be to marry qualitative and quantitative data to drive insights.

End-to-end device management with lifecycle data would help forecast, for example, how many systems would go out of warranty. And the shift in tools and approaches would also address a post-COVID ecosystem where employees might be working from home or the office.

A more strategic approach to device management and IT support

Together, Dow and Kyndryl first decided on a fundamental strategy shift from leasing to owning devices. Device ownership would be more cost-effective and best support the goal of allowing the Dow team to flexibly choose systems that fit the needs of their roles. Providing device choice would help Dow team members improve their performance, better deciding when to switch between devices and adding ways to facilitate and speed work.

Focused on preventing device issues, Chris and the team adopted Riverbed’s Aternity Digital Experience Management (DEM). This DEM tool provides holistic monitoring and integrates with the new asset tracking system, automatically maintaining data about a device through its lifecycle.

Importantly, the DEM system recommends device fixes, enabling users to preempt known issues on their devices in a few clicks by accepting the recommendations.

As part of that DEM improvement process, Chris relied on the Kyndryl Level 3 team to create automated software fixes that run in DEM. Developers stage the fixes in Microsoft® Azure®. Storing them in the cloud makes the fixes easily deployable to devices of Dow users worldwide.

Dow also uses the device monitoring data to assess progress against issues that show up on the annual employee survey.

With this platform, we’re able to see movements in the data—so the action can be correlated with survey results.

Chris Anderson,
Director of CIO Services, Dow

In a recent survey, Dow users had reported that specific applications were running slowly on their devices. Through the DEM platform, the Kyndryl Level 3 team identified and resolved a conflicting endpoint policy on the systems. The team quickly delivered higher performance to a large user group—all while maintaining security.

What Progress Looks Like

Notably, Dow has seen a 16% improvement in employee productivity and a significant improvement in end-user experience. Chris notes that systems reliability is far greater than it has been in several years. Beyond the overall operating system, applications perform better and are more reliable.

  • 45,000 endpoint devices were converted to DEM monitoring, improving overall employee experience
  • Boot times were reduced by 16% and system crashes cut by 50%, resulting in more productive employees who are happier with their device experience
  • A 10% increase in device life so far across the fleet has been driven by component monitoring and remediation
  • A 5% improvement in essential applications performance lends resilience and efficiency to the business

A broader ecosystem and optimization of the total digital journey

Dow is now better able to utilize its massive operations data. Looking at how to tie that to AI workflows and the broader ecosystem beyond endpoints is a next step, says Chris. That is part of optimizing the total digital journey of end users.

About Dow

Dow (NYSE: DOW) manufactures products in 104 locations across 31 countries. The company’s many thousands of employees worldwide deliver a broad range of science-based products for customers in many high-growth industries, including packaging, infrastructure, mobility and many consumer solutions.

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Chris Anderson

Director of CIO Services, Dow
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Anthony Minniti

Director, Customer Partner, Kyndryl
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Johanna Einreinhofer

Customer Delivery Partner, Kyndryl
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