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Managed Security Services on AWS

Build resilience and protection, and quickly recover from cyber events with Kyndryl Managed Security Services on AWS

Why choose Kyndryl for your security and resiliency needs with AWS?

Kyndryl helps the world’s biggest companies with cyber security and resilience. AWS is the market’s most secure, extensive, and reliable global cloud infrastructure. Together we help enterprises avoid disruption and transition to an integrated cyber-resilient future.

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Accelerated threat insights

Unlock relevant insights from data faster, strengthen protection and improve your ability to withstand attacks.

Global compliance

Build a global security and resiliency strategy that protects critical business processes and maintains continuous compliance.

Secure modernization

Modernize and fortify your whole digital estate to unlock innovation and efficiency while minimizing risk.

Integrated approach

Adopt a more integrated approach to security and resiliency that better protects you from the threats of today and tomorrow.

Kyndryl Services for AWS

Threat Insights from Kyndryl and AWS

Enterprises rely on complex IT systems spread over multiple locations and vast amounts of data to run critical processes, often exposing systemic vulnerabilities to fast-evolving tools like generative AI and quantum computing.

With Threat Insights, you can stay ahead of modern threats. The cyber-resilience solution helps you better detect, investigate, and respond to attacks with advanced AI and data integration, providing:

  • Actionable threat intelligence: Leverage the power of AI and ML to get critical insights faster and identify threats in minutes instead of hours.
  • 360º visibility: Integrate data from 125+ security vendors to see all security and resilience processes in one place and accelerate threat detection.
  • AI-powered autonomy: Leverage AI and ML intelligence for automated intervention and threat investigations, speeding up response times.
  • End-to-end-support: Quantify business risk and operationalize actionable threat intelligence across your entire digital estate in a streamlined, single-pane view. 

Use cases:



Kyndryl Managed Security Services include a centralized vulnerability scanning system with remediation guidance that covers EC2 Compute and Containers. It provides a real-time notification for any security vulnerabilities and a comprehensive view of security posture across the AWS environment.

Utilizing a combination of AWS native and third-party solutions, Kyndryl Cloud Management Platform provides a comprehensive dashboard view of the AWS resources that are enabled through automated resource discovery and onboarding across multiple AWS accounts.

Kyndryl provides a 24x7 managed service solution, leveraging the AWS native inventory and configuration management services to ensure resources are optimally configured and adhere to the recommended best practices.

Kyndryl experts help customers identify and justify the necessary enterprise improvements by linking them to governance or compliance, monitoring against enterprise controls against industry standards such as CIS benchmark and ISO27001.

Kyndryl Managed Security Services provide a consolidated view into the security events and incidents, utilizing both AWS native and third-party capabilities. This service also includes deeper investigation and triaging of incident root cause and appropriate remediation guidance to handle them seamlessly.

Kyndryl provides round-the-clock Security Incident Management Service for customers running workloads in the AWS environments. This includes end-to-end incident detection and management processes and automated solutions to remediate the issues.

Kyndryl has extensive experience in providing increased visibility into and resilience against DDoS attacks, reducing the risk of availability and financial and security impacts to applications for customers. Kyndryl’s managed services leverage AWS native network security capabilities and other established third-party solutions for a comprehensive solution to DDoS attacks.

Kyndryl has many successful implementations of managed detection and response at the AWS endpoints, utilizing multiple third-party solutions. The service includes support for multiple operating systems, collecting endpoint meta-data as well as providing protection for the AWS-provided container environments (EKS, ECS and Fargate).

Kyndryl provides deep expertise in hosting a secure web application environment and web-facing APIs, enabled largely by implementing and managing Web Application Firewall (WAF). The scope includes preventing OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, authoring custom rules based on customer’s environments and applications, and consuming WAF logs for various threat analysis activities.

Kyndryl Managed Backup Service helps protect and retrieve critical business data, monitor the health of your data protection environment, and comply with government and industry regulations. It manages your data backup with robust on-site, off-site and AWS based security. This service can help customers control cost while keeping sensitive data safe using the AWS native backup tool.

Kyndryl Resiliency Orchestration Managed Services offers disaster recovery (DR) monitoring, reporting, testing, and workflow automation capabilities for complex hybrid cloud environments on AWS DRS platform. This fully managed service by Kyndryl provides automated recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud workloads.

Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery Service on AWS helps protect critical business data in a security-rich, isolated environment using logical air gap.

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Kyndryl Managed Resiliency Services on AWS

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