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It is Kyndryl's policy to not pay a supplier for services without obtaining a taxpayer identification number.

To prevent a possible delay in payments, suppliers need to fax a completed W-9 form to Kyndryl’s Accounts Payable at 607 - 429 - 4214. This form needs to be sent to Kyndryl for new suppliers as well as suppliers that have any changes to the entity, TIN, or SSN. You can obtain the latest W-9 tax forms through our quick links.

Exemption certificates should only be used for purchases that are exempted by the law or that are intended for resale (lease) by Kyndryl. Additional exemption certificates can be found below.

Please note that you, the buyer, requestor, supplier can fill out the Supplier Information.  There is no need to contact the tax department.  These exemptions are signed and ready to be presented to a supplier.

Note: It is imperative that the PO states it is for resale for the exemption to be valid.

NOTE: If you are a supplier who needs different settings or specific requirements regarding the contents of our exemption certificates, please contact a buyer. 

Quick Links for Tax Forms

W-9 Form

This filled out W-9 is required by all suppliers: new and current who have made changes.

Download ->

IRS Forms and W-9 Request instructions

Popular forms, instructions, and publications directly from the IRS website.

Learn more ->

Vendor Inquiries

Any additional vendor inquiries can be sent to the following email.

Email today ->