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"As a leader in the industry and always growing, we’re bringing a world-class diverse and innovative supplier base that delivers value to Kyndryl enterprise and customers every day.

Built on a professional and ethical relationship, Kyndryl Procurement is here to bring competitive, proactive, and sustainable solutions. We are the heart of progress, join us today."

- Graham Wright, Kyndryl Chief Procurement Officer

Join the Heart of Progress with Kyndryl Procurement

Our mission is to bring competitive, proactive, and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to delight our customers every day

How do we accomplish this?
By developing and driving innovative relationships among our greatest assets – our talented employees and our world-class supplier base.

Together we improve the client experience and provide the best possible outcomes.
Suppliers that wish to have their diverse business designation within Kyndryl's systems must provide a valid diverse certification

The journey to becoming a Kyndryl supplier starts here

Our relationship to our suppliers does not end with a completed transaction, we actively build towards creating authentic connections and Kyndryl is committed to developing strategic partnerships with suppliers who strongly align with our values.

If you, as a supplier, are passionate about improving the client experience and providing the best outcomes, read our supplier requirements and begin your onboarding journey.

As part of our general compliance and guidelines, please read through the Kyndryl Accessibility guidelines for suppliers.

If you are passionate about improving the client experience, providing the best outcomes, and looking to become a Kyndryl supplier, please reach out at

In need of support? Get in touch with us today