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Seguridad y resiliencia

2023 state of IT risk: How companies are charting paths to cyber resilience

Pódcast 20 sept. 2023

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Episode notes

More than 90% of respondents to a Kyndryl study on IT risk say their organizations had IT systems or data compromised in the past two years. And 88% of the respondents feel their organization is well prepared to manage and recover from such events. Is the confidence justified, particularly given the growing diversity and frequency of IT risks?

Listen as our experts discuss the risks that C-Suite executives face in preparing their organizations for the unplanned. Hear their point of view.

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What you will hear

"…it's amazing how the project offices is pushing us all the days. So this is not a complaint. So for me, this is an advantage to have a very strong vigilance in all these cyber security programs. So we have a very strong PMO."
– Ricardo

"You need, as a CISO, to rise the bar above the regulation, because it is not enough to have the bar near to the regulation. Because this complexity, you need to raise the bar very above, to these to the regulations. This is maybe one of the philosophies here in the bank - in cybersecurity."
– Ricardo

"…the trend that we're beginning to see is there are a lot more impact - significant business disruptions - that are being caused by human error. We hadn't seen that before. We always knew that human error was part and parcel of you know, some of the reasons why our organizations were suffering disruptions. But we're beginning to circle human error as an issue. And really beginning to quantify the dollar-for-dollar impact that's having on our organizations."
– Kris