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The space will drive innovation and community engagement

BRNO, Czechia, June 12, 2024Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world's largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced the opening of its new Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia office space in Brno's Vlněna business park. Combining the rich historic architecture of an old cotton factory with cutting-edge design, Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia covers approximately 5,000 square meters and is designed to harness our local tech talent to drive innovation and help our customers modernize their IT estates.

“Kyndryl’s announcement today is a testament to its ongoing commitment to Brno and the development of IT skills, which are in high demand. This new space is a significant step forward, and I look forward to further collaboration with Kyndryl within the entire region," said Jan Grolich, Governor of South Moravia.

Today's announcement comes on the heels of the Kyndryl Foundation's recent initiative, which awarded grants to Czech non-profit organizations Czechitas and Sdružení VIA to promote cybersecurity skills and resilience.

At the new location, Kyndryl professionals will focus on delivering services via Kyndryl Bridge (Kyndryl’s AI-powered, digital integration platform) applying proven methodologies, prescriptive AI insights, and extensive capabilities to manage and improve a constantly changing technology lifecycle for customers. Kyndryl will continue to use Kyndryl Bridge and now the new space will also enable co-creation with our customers. Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia’s capabilities include helping customers of all sizes across different industries design and deploy new IT infrastructure environments that support key digital opportunities, such as the future use of AI and machine learning.

Kyndryl experts speak more than seven languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Hungarian and Polish and are proficient in hundreds of technologies such as Cobol, JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL, which allows Kyndryl to manage systems that are critical to ensuring optimal IT infrastructure performance for Kyndryl and Kyndryl's customers around the world — 24 x 7 x 365. Using world-class processes, tools and best practices, Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia’s customers are market leaders, spanning automotive, banking and retail.

 “Recognizing that the rapidly growing demand for modern IT skills far outpaces the supply of skilled workers, we are excited to launch a new chapter for our employees in Kyndryl’s Collaborative Czechia in Brno," said Maria Falkiewicz-Gancarz, Vice President, Kyndryl. ”By investing in cutting-edge skills and nurturing and developing our global talent pool, including our employees in Brno, our Kyndryl Collaboratives are committed to continuous learning and ongoing certification. This constant state of evolution ensures that we not only meet but exceed market expectations, enabling our customers to realize their full economic potential and scale in the digital future."

The expanded office location places Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia at the vibrant heart of Brno's tech ecosystem, significantly improving accessibility and networking opportunities and fostering collaboration and co-creation with key customers and partners. The offices in CTPark Vlněna are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced audio-visual systems, modern meeting rooms with cloud-enabled video conferencing capabilities, a work café, a parent room and spaces designed for both formal and informal collaboration. The design of the new office reflects the latest trends in workplace strategy, including digital workplaces that emphasize flexibility, open communication and sustainability. It features energy-efficient systems adhering to BREEAM principles, improved ventilation and encourages the use of public transport with provisions for bicycle storage.

The new Brno office is an inclusive space, with facilities that are easily accessible to people with disabilities and support a diverse workforce. Through this space expansion, Kyndryl will continue its mission to transform industries and improve the digital landscape, while making a positive contribution to the local community and environment.

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