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The transformation drives improvements to data and application management that are critical to operations of the city and its citizens, such as the treasury, the electronic registry and record management.

Madrid, February 2, 2022 - The Madrid City Council aims to position Madrid as a leader in digital services provided to more than 3 million residents. Following a public tender, the City of Madrid contracted Kyndryl (NYSE:KD), the world's largest IT infrastructure services provider, to transform the delivery of its digital services to a hybrid cloud mode and deliver on this ambition.

Faced with the evolving digital demands of citizens and pressure to innovate more quickly, the City of Madrid decided to embrace a hybrid cloud strategy. The city opened the transformation project to public tender a year ago, part of an effort to improve cybersecurity and incorporate better disaster recovery measures into their architecture, ensuring adherence to increasingly complex data protection requirements.

Kyndryl won the tender and began to work with the City of Madrid to develop a hybrid cloud IT architecture through the combination of zCloud technology and a private cloud in distributed environments. The new infrastructure enables faster processing of large volumes of data and enhanced data protection and compliance across essential workloads and applications, such as the treasury, the electronic registry and record management.

As a result, service to citizens is more flexible, resilient, and strengthened with enhanced security that helps to improve how they engage with the City Council, encouraging their participation in the management of the city. Today, through the applications offered by the City Council, citizens can manage their entries and exits by car to the low emission zone, they can reserve a tennis court in a municipal facility, or they can warn that a streetlamp on their street has broken. A quick and accurate response to any of these queries is essential.

The transition to the new hybrid cloud environment was seamlessly executed by Kyndryl with the collaboration of the public employees in charge of the service, with no disruption to the city council’s day to day processes. The infrastructure has been fully migrated to a new data center, complete with a backup center and disaster recovery measures.

"Our goal is to provide the Madrid City Council with a more flexible system for managing its infrastructure resources, while being able to streamline technological changes that will undoubtedly generate added value for the City Council as well as for citizens," said Luis Roca, President of Kyndryl Spain and Portugal.

The project carried out at the Madrid City Council illustrates Kyndryl's expertise in transforming and modernizing different IT environments and moving them to hybrid cloud environments. Through its Core Enterprise and zCloud practice, Kyndryl helps companies optimize their infrastructure investments and plan their future needs with services that address on-demand capacity planning, modernize components, and increase speed and agility.

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