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Canadian Malartic

Canadian Malartic Corporation is a mining company that operates the Canadian Malartic Mine—Canada's largest operating open-pit gold mine. Owned by Yamana Gold and Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, the company is headquartered in Malartic, Quebec, Canada.

It employs more than 2,000 full-time workers to run a continuous operation, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Successfully reinstated JD Edwards applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Saved thousands in Oracle licenses

Fast migration due to service team familiarity with application environment

Modernizing core enterprise applications with a trusted partner

JD Edwards applications are at the core of Canadian Malartic's business. Everything from accounts payable, accounts receivable to inventory are involved in these applications.

As part of their business strategy, Canadian Malartic needed to migrate the JD Edwards applications to the cloud. Such a high-risk project required a trusted partner who understood the client’s unique challenges related to navigating the Oracle compliance process while architecting and implementing a solution with long-term viability.

Moving Enterprise Resource Planning to Oracle Cloud

Canadian Malartic had been a Kyndryl client since 2016 when it signed a contract for Kyndryl to run and manage its JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning applications. For its migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Canadian again selected Kyndryl for a proven ability to collaborate in developing and delivering technically and financially innovative solutions, and also for Kyndryl’s strategic relationship with Oracle. As part of ensuring a compliant OCI architecture, Canadian Malartic requested that Kyndryl lead acquiring new Oracle database and application licenses within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Kyndryl and Oracle were able to architect the solution without the friction of opposing interests. Kyndryl’s existing relationship with Oracle over 2 years enabled efficiently working to negotiate together on behalf of Canadian Malartic, which included updating support for the JD Edwards applications and ensuring license compliance for years to come.

Kyndryl worked with Oracle to validate the JD Edwards support contract and negotiate an Oracle Database license contract for Canadian Malartic.

Once Kyndryl secured the contracts, Kyndryl began the process of modernizing Canadian Malartic's applications and moving them from IBM Cloud Managed Services (CMS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This allowed the company to take advantage of the Oracle license subscription model for Oracle Database which was available only through OCI. It also helped Canadian Malartic to move out of CMS data centers before they closed in June 2021.

Kyndryl had the same team managing Canadian Malartic's applications on the CMS perform the migration to OCI. This mitigated the risk of migration by increasing the reliability and speed of the work performed.

Successfully deploying a solution with longevity

Canadian Malartic was able to reinstate and verify the support for its JD Edwards applications for a nominal fee, and saved considerable budget through Kyndryl’s leverage of the Oracle license subscription model on OCI.

Canadian Malartic achieved a faster, lower-risk migration to OCI courtesy of a delivery team that was already familiar with its application environment.

With the project completion, Canadian Malartic is in full compliance with Oracle and for the foreseeable future has a viable cloud roadmap for its JD Edwards application, Oracle database, and Oracle data management.

March 2022

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