The first open-integration technology services platform is helping companies adapt to market changes, be more resilient and reach net zero goals.

Business leaders can face any number of major disruptions in market conditions — from economic instability and geopolitical upheaval to labor shortages and technological innovation.

As a result, executives are striving to create new connections between their business and complex IT estates to be more efficient and achieve stronger outcomes for employees and customers.

To help businesses experience new levels of control, last September Kyndryl launched Kyndryl Bridge, the industry’s first open-integration technology services platform that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI), operational data and operational expertise. Since then, more than 500 global enterprise customers are operational on the platform - helping organizations improve operational efficiencies and deliver greater business outcomes.

To deepen its offerings, Kyndryl continues to expand the platform with services — like an AI-powered Sustainability Intelligence and Carbon Footprint Assessment Calculator — that help customers proactively measure and improve their energy efficiency to meet net zero goals. New services will also help customers optimize their cyber operations, so that they become more resilient and compliant with local and global requirements.

With more than 1,000 customers expected by our fiscal year-end, Kyndryl Bridge will continue to bring leading-edge services in AI, financial operations, sustainability and many more areas.

Antoine Shagoury

Chief Technology Officer

“I am excited about the constantly evolving capabilities that will enable our customers to work with us to co-create value and solutions to affect their business outcomes,” said Antoine Shagoury, Kyndryl’s Chief Technology Officer. “This will help us to become their most-trusted partner in their transformation journey.”

Here, Shagoury talks about the company’s push to innovate and how enterprises are benefiting from automated, AI-enabled intelligent insights.

How does Kyndryl Bridge help save customers time and money?

Kyndryl Bridge integrates with other platforms to ensure customers gain complete visibility into their technology estate, enabling them to make faster decisions and derive savings in their operations.

How else is Kyndryl Bridge delivering value?

Kyndryl Bridge not only helps customers manage all their services across an entire technology estate, but also delivers new services from partners like AWS, SAP and Red Hat – helping customers quickly deploy new offerings and realize immediate value.


The number of companies Kyndryl has helped reduce the frequency of incidents that can make systems data inaccessible and the time it takes to resolve issues.


Digitally-enabled services will be available on Kyndryl Bridge by our fiscal year-end. 


Customers are expected by our fiscal year-end. 

More specifically, how does it work with data and AI?

Enterprises today are sitting on mountains of data that, in many cases, they do not know how to mine, analyze or use to benefit their business. That’s why open-integration technology service platforms such as Kyndryl Bridge are critical in driving modern businesses, as they help technology leaders turn data into actionable insights.

With Kyndryl Bridges’ growing library of data and AI services, customers not only can build a solid data foundation, but they can securely implement — and scale — AI for greater transparency into their technology estate’s performance. That leads to better business outcomes, such as by reducing incident resolution times, lowering energy consumption to meet net zero goals and becoming more cyber resilient.

For example, a global food company we work with reduced the time it takes to consolidate, distribute and verify department costs across its IT organization by 85%. Similarly, a leading supply chain company increased its profits significantly by using automation to address incident resolution, security and compliance, and patching. That’s just two examples — there are hundreds more.

How will Kyndryl Bridge continue to innovate?

With more than 1,000 customers expected by our fiscal year-end, Kyndryl Bridge will continue to bring leading-edge services in AI, financial operations, sustainability and many more areas.

What are the plans for getting more customers onto the platform?

By building digital services in the marketplace, we have the ability to offer richer capabilities for our customers. In addition, customers can personalize the marketplace to drive greater gains and derive greater strategic efficiencies and savings. We feel confident that more customers will want to be a part of that story.

How will Kyndryl Bridge achieve those goals?

We continue to onboard more of our existing customers to Kyndryl Bridge, while also expanding our install base by offering services in key emerging areas such as sustainability, security and AI — that will help us achieve our goals.

What else excites you about Kyndryl Bridge?

In addition to helping our customers, our team is excited about the innovation taking place to advance the nearly 190 services that will be available on Kyndryl Bridge by the end of the fiscal year. This work has been really rewarding for the team, as we continue to work with our alliance partners and develop new AI-powered services that will address industry challenges for our customers today – from driving infrastructure efficiencies in a budget constrained environment to being more sustainable and secure — and help to achieve their technology transformation objectives for tomorrow.