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Generative AI for Business

Innovate and drive value with generative AI for your enterprise

We’ve collaborated with AWS to accelerate customer adoption of enterprise-grade Generative AI solutions.

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Confidently apply generative AI at scale and deliver greater value for your business

Kyndryl delivers enterprise-grade generative AI and can demonstrate how to responsibly leverage generative AI at scale and how it can help you rapidly innovate. We offer a first-hand perspective on generative AI implementation while prioritizing data governance, AI policies, and current data strategies for a solid data foundation.

With Kyndryl Vital’s co-creation process and Kyndryl Consult’s Gen AI readiness assessments and discovery workshops, we identify high-value use cases that build a competitive edge and new business models.

Kyndryl helps enterprises drive efficiencies and deliver greater value for their businesses through collaborative innovation, industry-specific models, and use cases and solutions that drive optimal experiences. We help build trusted data foundation and architectures and large-language model operations (LLMOps) frameworks while, generating AI insights at scale, in a responsible and optimal manner.

4 pillars of generative AI for enterprise

Data governance and responsible AI policies

We help ensure successful and compliant business outcomes with responsible AI policies that follow data privacy standards as well as upcoming regulations.  

AI solutions with good data foundations

Build a robust enterprise data fabric using our modular, flexible reference architecture and solution accelerators.  

Identifying high-value use cases

Discovery workshops to identify high-value use cases by co-creating with customers and technology partners, build quick prototypes, and delivering projects through to production via effective LLMOps architectures.

Process skills and human-centric design

Successfully integrate and utilize AI technologies by focusing on operational processes, people skills, and human-centric design.

Kyndryl and AWS collaborate to accelerate customer adoption of enterprise-grade Generative AI solutions

Kyndryl and AWS will establish a joint Innovation Factory to create generative AI and ML solutions for specific industry use cases. The Innovation Factory will leverage Kyndryl’s data-driven capabilities so customers can jump-start their cloud modernization journey and accelerate their business transformation.

With Kyndryl's expertise in managing mission-critical systems and ongoing investments in AI, coupled with AWS' high-value services, customers can adopt enterprise-grade Generative AI to enhance their customer and employee experiences, as well as increase productivity and operational efficiency.

Kyndryl and Microsoft collaborate to support adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI for business

Enable adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Copilot to drive new innovations across the enterprise.

Kyndryl developed accelerators leveraging base capabilities offered by Azure OpenAI and enhanced with other Azure cognitive services to speed up the adoption of Gen AI capabilities. These accelerators include multi-lingual email/text generation, multi-lingual document summarizer, multi-lingual voice assistant, and sentiment analysis, and more. A combination of these accelerators helps deliver results for various industry use cases.



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