Celebrating more than 50 years in the fintech industry, Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) (Pennsylvania, USA) offers the premier real-time application programming interface (API) and workflow-enabled software solution, AFSVision® that accommodates all types of commercial lending on a single platform. The firm provides real-time, fully integrated, full-service loan processing capabilities to a variety of financial institutions, including two-thirds of the Top 25 US banks.

We caught up with AFS’s Chief Technology Officer John Dubil, and Chief Information Officer Rad Laney for a quick chat about innovation, growth, and why AFS has chosen Kyndryl as one of its strategic partners.

Q: What do customers want, and how will your partnership with Kyndryl help you meet those demands?

Laney: Financial services customers want innovation, but it must be stable, secure, and most importantly, tested. Our average client has been with us for more than 20 years, and the only way to maintain those relationships is through trust. Kyndryl has the freedom to leverage best-in-class solutions, and working with them through their Garage testing program helps us ensure that we’re offering the best-performing, most stable, and most secure products to our clients as they migrate their operations to the cloud.

As financial services entities move away from on-premises mainframes to distributed, cloud-based platforms, it’s essential that these migrations deliver operational stability, security, scalability, and reduced costs – all within the context of regulatory compliance. Kyndryl has the people, the technology, the industry expertise, and the long-term strategic capabilities to help us make that happen for our customers.

Q: Can you talk about the role of automation in fintech?

Dubil: Simply put, automation is the future of fintech. Our clients need to capitalize on their investments in automation while managing risk. This is no easy task, because today’s technology landscape is confusing, difficult to navigate, and it’s always changing. That’s why it’s critical to have a partner with deep technical and industry skills, and a track record of client satisfaction that’s at least as long as ours. We view Kyndryl’s deep skills, broad capabilities, and mature perspective as key differentiators.

Q: What are your goals for future growth, and how do you plan to get there?

Dubil: By offering AFSVision across a distributed platform, we are growing our footprint both domestically and in the European financial services markets. A critical component is our ability to deliver in an environment of cloud agnosticism and technical heterogeneity. In other words, we have to meet the market where it lives – across a variety of platforms, and through a variety of solutions, offered by different suppliers. The concept of “one size fits all” is antithetical to our ability to deliver the best solutions both to those who have depended on us for so long, and to new clients seeking that same experience. Each client is betting on a specific cloud solution as they undertake their digital transformations. So we have to work with a partner that brings agility, expertise and sustainability to the mix. Kyndryl is that partner.

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