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Data Center Services

The future ready data center provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructure that is capable of responding to change or disruption.

Create the right data center for meeting your business’ needs

Kyndryl can help take the guesswork out of future-ready data center planning. By removing many of the barriers that have inhibited IT to date, the next-generation data center provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructure that is capable of responding to disruptive changes, melting technology silos, and integrating legacy and new architectures into a single, manageable ecosystem.

Powering data-intensive research and accelerating innovation

Kyndryl designs and builds a new high-performance Supercomputing Center—the Cenits-CPD—for the Regional Government of Extremadura, in Spain (through its Foundation COMPUTAEX), financed through European funds (FEDER).

The data center, already at full performance, is designed to support data-intensive research to boost industrial development and sustainability. It delivers greater energy efficiency, features new resiliency and disaster recovery systems and has the ability to scale more easily according to demand.

Cost savings

Helps to reduce upfront capital expenses (CAPEX) and the cost of the data center build using a phased approach that helps you align your large CAPEX and operational expenses (OPEX).


Provides optimal flexibility that supports future technology and computing model adoption and accommodates a mix of hosted services on the cloud or on-site.


Identifies equipment that should be upgraded for a technology refresh, discovers stranded power, space and cooling capacitates and improves visibility into the consolidation and virtualization of your data center.

Data Center Advisor

Data Center Advisor is an advanced analytics platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize data center infrastructure operations. It analyzes operational data from data center IT and facility endpoints and provides predictive insights to improve data center reliability, efficiency and drive down cost of operation.

Cloud Prefabricated Modular Data Center

Cloud Prefabricated Modular Data Center is a flexible, agile, scalable and compact modular data center fully integrated power cooling equipment that can be deployed virtually at any location around the world. With flexible configurations, including pre-configured facility equipment designs, this complete data center can support nearly any rack-mount technology to meet your IT needs.

Kyndryl IT Sustainability Assessment

Kyndryl IT Sustainability Assessment is a consulting-driven service that uses an analytics tool to quantify the energy usage and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission data across an enterprise’s diverse hybrid multicloud IT landscape. The global view of the analyzed operational data helps customers track reductions in emissions and benchmark current performance with industry peers using standard KPIs.


Businesses can collect data via facilitated workshops, templates and automatically through data collectors for hyperscaler workloads to provide comprehensive “As-Is” view for IT sustainability through the assessment. The sustainability advisor tool uses AI and ML to generate insights and recommendations for achieving environmental sustainability objectives.

The main differentiator was [Kyndryl's] experience to be more resilient for future technology.

–Sabri Gökmenler, Chief Technology Officer, Turkey’s Isbank

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