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We make the complex simple to enable customer innovation

As the world's largest provider of IT infrastructure services, Kyndryl is committed to the health and continuous improvement of the vital systems at the heart of the digital economy. With our partners and thousands of customers worldwide, we co-create solutions to help enterprises reach their peak digital performance.

Our name and principles

"Kyn" comes from "kin." It represents the strong bonds we form with customers and with each other. Our people are at the heart of our business.


"-dryl" is coined from "tendril," evoking new growth and connections. By working together, we are growing.


New growth and connections between people are two of the core principles that make up our identity at Kyndryl. These principles are closely linked with our desire to provide oxygen to innovation, energy to change the world over, and to further human progress every day. The work we do at Kyndryl reflects these principles.

About Kyndryl

Empowering progress while modernizing and managing the world’s mission-critical systems and services

Kyndryl and One Tree Planted

Kyndryl has partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization striving to save the planet by planting trees around the world. Kyndryl will plant 88,728 trees – one in the name of each employee – to support the One Tree Planted mission of creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity, and helping reforestation efforts around the world.

Kyndryl careers

At Kyndryl, we’re looking for people who are excited about technology and the future, about building connections with people and growing as individuals and as a company.

Connect with Kyndryl

Together we can make sure the world thrives.

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