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Legacy Invoicing Instructions

Go here for invoicing instructions under Kyndryl systems
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An important note for cut-off dates

Cut-off dates:

  • The last day IBM will accept Kyndryl paper invoices is July 16th, 2023. Please ensure that your invoice gets to the IBM provided scanning location by that date.
  • The last day IBM will accept Kyndryl electronic invoices through WOI is on July 27th, 2023 (India will be July 24th, 2023), SAP Business Network and EDI are July 31st, 2023.

Countries impacted:
Argentina, Australia (ANZ), Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada (CAN), Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, India (IND), Ireland (UKI), Israel, Italy (ITA), Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand (ANZ), Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal (IBR), Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain (IBR), Turkey, UAT, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States (USA), Venezuela

Please apply this country specific request for the country you are billing from and only for countries that are in scope.

How do you invoice Kyndryl?

Check out the comprehensive table below that contains all the Kyndryl Legal Entity details so that you can issue your invoices correctly and send them to the right place for scanning and processing. 

It is incumbent on you and your Accounts Receivable to do the set-up correctly, find out how to do it all right here. Download for any issues with invoicing.

General Invoice Instructions for Invoices

  1. Make sure your invoice meets the invoicing country tax requirements.
  2. Issue your invoices to the billing address stated on your Purchase Order (include Kyndryl entity name, address, VAT/tax number). 
  3. Ensure your invoices are issued from the supplier’s name, address and proper tax IDs matching the supplier and Kyndryl entity for which the order was issued.
  4. State the Purchase Order number and Kyndryl Contact name on the invoice. Note: Place only one Purchase Order Number on each invoice; invoices must be credit or debit values only, not mixed. 
  5. Each invoice line item must quote the valid Purchase Order item to which it relates.
  6. In case of price variations please notify the responsible buyer in writing before re-invoicing. 
  7. The value of the line item (including previous invoices against the line item) must not exceed the value of the Purchase Order line item.
  8. Invoices must be issued in the same currency as the Purchase Order. 
  9. Invoices not meeting these conditions will be returned unpaid.
  10. Invoicing should only happen after goods or services have been delivered.
  11. Please note that standard payment terms are applied from the date of receipt of a correct invoice.

Country-Specific invoicing instructions

Entity Codes apply to the following countries below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the contact details (phone number and email) for Accounts Payable?
Please work through your Kyndryl procurement contact. If you do not know who your Kyndryl Procurement contact is and require assistance, please check out Procurement Support.

How do I add the Kyndryl House Bank account to make sure my receivable can be automated?
Please work through your Kyndryl procurement contact, bank accounts can only be provided to you directly.

What should I do if I am invoicing via Paper (or PDF)?
Please make sure you use the correct Mail To address in column E found in Detail on how to issue invoices to Kyndryl. [linked through Excel]

What should I do if I am invoicing through Buy@IBM (Ariba), WOI or Web Portal?
Please ensure that the billing address on the PO is that of Kyndryl. Please ensure your invoice includes the correct Kyndryl billing address, tax number and company name.

Quick Links for Invoicing Instructions

Check out some of our resources below.

Issuing Invoices

If you are looking for more detailed information on issuing an invoice to Kyndryl, this document provides all the answers.

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Instructions for Paper Invoices

This document contains information on paper invoices only which applies to India.

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In need of invoicing support?

If you are in need of additional assistance with invoicing instructions, please visit our support page and fill out the form. 

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