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Becoming a Kyndryl Supplier




The journey to becoming a Kyndryl supplier starts here.

Our relationship to our suppliers does not end with a completed transaction, we actively build towards creating authentic connections and Kyndryl is committed to developing strategic partnerships with suppliers who strongly align with our values.

If you, as a supplier, are passionate about improving the client experience and providing the best outcomes, read our supplier requirements and begin your onboarding journey.

As part of our general compliance and guidelines, please read through the Kyndryl Accessibility guidelines for suppliers.

Step One

Ensure that you comply with the Responsible Alliance Business Code of Conduct before you apply to become a supplier to Kyndryl.

Step Two

Prepare your company profile, a current Dun & Bradstreet report for your company OR the last 3 years’ financial statement, plus a brief write-up as to how your company as a supplier can partner with Kyndryl to provide world class service to our clients. Please be advised that there are no guarantees that you will become a Kyndryl supplier once this information is shared.

Submit an online request ->

Step Three

After we receive your profile, financial information and write-up, a Kyndryl sourcing team member will reach out to you. If you qualify to become a supplier to Kyndryl, You will receive an invitation to register in our network, which includes agreeing to our terms & conditions, completing a questionnaire.

Step Four

If you are a minority supplier, refer to Supplier Diversity to determine eligibility and to register as a diverse supplier.

(Follow Step 4 only after you have qualified to become a supplier to Kyndryl per Step 3.)