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How to Communicate a Concern or get Advice

The Ombudsman provides an avenue for suppliers, Kyndryl employees, and others to address procurement-related concerns and issues that, for any reason, cannot be resolved satisfactorily through the normal business channels. We also act as a real-time resource to engage early on in the procurement process for advice regarding supplier related issues.

The office is neutral and independent of line management. Situations are evaluated in an objective manner. The Ombudsman additionally assists in achieving outcomes consistent with fairness to all involved parties. The Ombudsman does not serve as an advocate for any person or organization but, rather, advocates a fair outcome.​​​​​​​

Communicating a Concern

Prompt communication of concerns and early involvement on requests for advice is crucial for the Ombudsman to address issues efficiently and effectively. In addition, the Ombudsman will require accurate, concise information about the situation.


Although the Ombudsman process is not intended as a substitute for effective communication with Kyndryl management or suppliers, individuals should feel free to contact the Ombudsman whenever supplier-related issues cannot, for any reason, be resolved through normal business channels.


The Ombudsman office is organized as a direct reporting function to the Chief Procurement Officer. The office is global, having representatives in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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