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NASCO Collaborates with Kyndryl to Modernize Core IT Operations

November 4, 2021

Kyndryl migrated NASCO’s IT infrastructure to shared mainframe environment to improve efficiency, flexibility and scale

NASCO extends agreement with Kyndryl until 2027

NEW YORK, [DATE] – NASCO – a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions – and Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) announced a collaboration to migrate NASCO’s critical infrastructure to a new, shared mainframe environment, driving improved efficiency, flexibility and scale for NASCO’s operations. NASCO is also extending this collaboration until 2027.

Kyndryl, the new, independent company listing on the New York Stock Exchange today, is focused on delivering the most advanced business solutions for customers across more than 60 countries. Kyndryl is investing in new partnerships with the world's premier technology organizations and cloud hyperscalers. The joint solutions developed from these partnerships, in areas such as AI, 5G, edge computing, hybrid cloud, and security, are enabling customers to tackle their most pressing business objectives in modern ways.

NASCO tapped Kyndryl to help manage the seamless migration of its mission critical infrastructure to a new zCloud mainframe. By moving to a shared mainframe environment, NASCO can now drive new operating efficiencies that have resulted in improved scale and flexibility to support business growth and faster innovation.

As part of the collaboration, Kyndryl adhered to stringent security and compliance protocols that are critical to how NASCO processes the claims of leading healthcare insurance providers. As part of this effort, teams seamlessly and securely replicated petabytes of sensitive insurance claim data between various locations during the migration, with the migration completed in less than a day.

Following the successful migration, NASCO has extended its partnership with Kyndryl until 2027. Kyndryl will continue to deliver its expert services including provisioning,  security and compliance, and the management and optimization of NASCO’s infrastructure.

“Our work with NASCO demonstrates the immense value that comes from embracing continuous transformation,” said Jim Batterton, General Manager, U.S. Public & Federal at Kyndryl. “Our mainframe migration is a testament to NASCO’s trust in Kyndryl to help drive new efficiencies and flexibility that can transform how NASCO operates and serves its customers’ evolving needs.”

NASCO extended its 20+ year partnership with Kyndryl after the companies completed a successful infrastructure migration project, which entailed:

·      Data Center Migration: NASCO’s entire infrastructure was seamlessly migrated from Lexington, Kentucky to Kyndryl’s data center in Raleigh, North Carolina in less than a day with no disruption.

·      Shared Mainframe Environment: NASCO’s data was moved to Kyndryl’s shared mainframe environment, zCloud, helping improve NASCO’s infrastructure efficiency and freeing up capital to invest in other projects.

·      Flexibility & Scalability: NASCO’s move to a more efficient mainframe provided flexibility of usage, giving it the ability to scale up and down more easily.

·      Security & Compliance: Kyndryl maintained existing security and regulatory compliance in NASCO’s new shared environment, seamlessly replicating petabytes of sensitive insurance claim data between various locations during the migration.

“This migration was challenging because most migrations are performed in phases, but because of NASCO’s intricate environment and the number of plan applications, this migration had to be done in one big bang,” said Leo Ladaga, Director of Technical Operation, NASCO. “The success of the project was made evident when a user asked when the migration would be taking place and our team was able to report that it had already happened.”

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